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Hummingbird or regular sponge cupcake recipe?

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ThinkingOfCake Mon 19-May-14 20:05:24

I usually make cakes and cupcakes using a standard sponge cake recipe, (equal weight of eggs, flour, butter and sugar plus cocoa and milk) but the hummingbird cupcakes seem to be all over the web. Are they any good? They seem to get very mixed reviews.

FatalCabbage Mon 19-May-14 20:23:48

The vanilla ones aren't better than plain sponge, but the interesting flavours are good - eg there's a lavender one and a green tea one.

I swear by Hummingbird for brownies, cookies, buttercream and the Brooklyn Blackout cake.

stealthsquiggle Mon 19-May-14 22:58:42

Hummingbird cupcakes rise nice and flat so if you are looking to decorate flat tops then it saves trimming them. Flavourwise they are nothing special. I use the vanilla and chocolate recipes but they lose me when they move on to lavender and the like - I don't like floral flavours in food.

nannycook Tue 20-May-14 08:52:34

Ooooo, me either stealth, I used raspberry oil once in cupcakes, yucky, it tasted like Palm violets, you know the little purple sizzle sweets.

stealthsquiggle Tue 20-May-14 09:17:39

Parma violets. Bleugh.

I remember once being offered a really pretty little cupcake at some party - took a bite and realised it was lavender flavoured - the person who made it was standing there waiting for my verdict so I had to pretend to enjoy it before hiding the rest in a bin

bakingaddict Tue 20-May-14 09:20:15

I have made their red velvet cupcakes which were really nice.

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