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Homemade almond paste made with raw egg white - safe?

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milkwagon Sat 19-Apr-14 10:24:24

I've made homemade almond paste for my Simnel cake this year, which included two raw egg whites. A layer has been cooked within the cake at 140º for two and a quarter hours and happy that this is safe. However I was planning to use the rest for the top of the cake but now I'm worried if it will be safe to eat? I've eaten royal icing in the past and know this is ok (don't know why though) - but what about my fresh almond paste? Any ideas anyone? It's been kept in the fridge but after I use it the cake will be left out so I'm a bit confused/worried - don't want to give the MIL food poisoning (no, really I don't). Oh, I'm seven and a half weeks pregnant too so I'm extra cautious for myself and have a 20 mth old so instinct telling me not to give her any. Any advice would be appreciate, thanks.

BreeVDKamp Sun 01-Jun-14 09:47:04

If you're in the UK Lion Stamped eggs are fine to eat raw, the birds are vaccinated against salmonella. Eggs from supermarkets are lion stamped. But you might want to not run the risk anyway if you are pregnant!!

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