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Modelling with marzipan or fondant?

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HeyBungalowBill Fri 18-Apr-14 13:00:08

Hello smile

I have done quite a few cakes decorated with fondant and marzipan. Which is best to model with do you think?

I once modelled a cowgirl with marzipan and her legs started cracking, presumably because I'd been messing with her for too long?

Any tips how to stop things cracking or any tips at all would be useful smile

Going to attempt a Winnie the Pooh today and I'm scared haha shock

DancingtheTittyTango Sat 19-Apr-14 07:43:31

Model with icing rather than marzipan, add tylose powder for strength and coat your hands in Trex to reduce cracking.

LizzieMint Sat 19-Apr-14 08:40:21

Personally I use flower paste for things like figures as it's much stronger than icing and less prone to flopping! Sainsburys sell it for about £2.50 a box.

stella69x Tue 20-May-14 19:25:54

I add gum tragacanth to fondant, ratio 2tsp to 500g.
It makes the icing more pliable to work with and less likely to crack and will dry harder than plain fondant.

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