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What digital scales do you use? Would you recommend it?

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u32ng Fri 14-Mar-14 07:47:25

I'm thinking it's time I upgraded from 'analogue' weighing scales to digital, as it's quite hard to measure out quantities that fall in between the 25g increments!

So before I go diving in a buy one I'm curious to know what one do you use & would you recommend it to me?

DefiniteMaybe Fri 14-Mar-14 07:49:22

I've got some salter digital scales, they were about £8.
I think they're fab. I didn't have any scales until recently so had to guess everything, looking back I used to use far too much stuff.

Trinney Sun 23-Mar-14 22:29:03

I have just converted to digital scales & it's fantastic. It is far more accurate then my analogue scales. Somehow seems easier too when measuring a few ingredients, as you can set the scale to 0 after each ingredient & keep adding all you need on the scales in one bowl.

Magmatic80 Sun 12-Oct-14 13:10:31

I was very lucky and given a selfridges voucher for Christmas 2 years ago. MUCH deliberation later I spent it on Heston electronic scales and I ADORE them. £45 so pretty pricey, but unbelievably accurate.

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