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kenwood classic chef KM331

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Chippednailvarnish Fri 08-Nov-13 12:11:12

This is currently on offer at curry's for £170, has anyone got one?

I'm having difficulty find any accessories for it, like the mill, grinder and ice cream attachments - do other Kenwood attachments work on it? I'm basically wondering why its so cheap!?

AmandaHE Mon 02-Dec-13 20:59:06

I've also just gone for this offer - does seem too good to be true but I'm planning to just order any attachments from places I'll be able to take them back to easily! I think, because it doesn't say which machines many of the attachments are compatible with, that they should be compatible with most machines - otherwise I would expect it to say if it only works with the Titanium. John Lewis have an icecream attachment and I noticed a few others at currys too.

struggling100 Mon 09-Dec-13 10:25:23

I have the slightly larger version of the same machine, the Chef titanium major. I love it! It is basically a really high quality motor, with three drivers that you can use to power all kinds of kitchen gizmos.

This looks like a really cheap deal for the machine and three main beaters, and the blender (all of which do a great job, btw). However, when I bought mine, it came with quite a few more accessories. I'm not sure what combinations they are selling now, but have a look at the range of attachments on the Kenwood website, because if you are intending to buy lots and lots of them, you may find it cheaper to get the machine with more accessories at the outset. Mine came with a food processor, for instance, which I really needed - but if you have one already, you might not require this. The additional bits and pieces cost quite a lot by themselves (you can get them from the Kenwood store, and other online outlets), so it's worth having a look at the range and calculating the cost.

Yburwash Thu 09-Jan-14 22:44:54

I also have the Kenwood Mixer KM331, love it and I am after attachments for it too but need to save some money first LOL!

I used to see the KM331 listed on the Kenwood website but somehow it has vanished

When the KM331 was listed there I compared its specs with the KM336 and they were exactly the same apart from the colour (KM336 is white and silver). Since the KM336 is still listed I suspect that all attachments for it will fit our mixer. I am after a food processor for it. On the Kenwood website I found out that the only one that fits is the 'Kenwood AT340 Slicer/Shredder Attachment for Kenwood Chef' which I actually quite like as it is a continuous feeding one.

I believe the following attachments will fit too ( I haven't had the chance to call Kenwood to confirm, will do that before buying anything)
- Kenwood Chef and Major AT950 Mincer and Food Grinder Attachment
- Kenwood Chef and Major AT320B Mini Chopper/Mill Attachment with 3 Additional Glass Jars
- Kenwood Chef AT956A 1 Litre Ice Cream Maker Attachment
- Kenwood Chef Potato Peeler Attachment AT444
- Kenwood AT501 Flexible Beater for Robot Chef
- Kenwood Chef and Major AT936B Pasta Maker Attachment

The list doesn't end there. In fact you can also go to the Kenwood spares site (not sure if I can put a link for it). You'll be able to do a search for all attachments (spares) for the Cheff machines, then once you get the list of all spares, click on 'more' on the one you are interested on and then you can click on 'models this fits' to find out if it fits the KM336 (I couldn't find the KM331 there either).

Good luck

Yburwash Thu 09-Jan-14 22:55:06

BTW. The titaniums have a 'medium outlet attachment' which the chefs don't have. So if you read that certain attachment fits on this outlet then it will not be suitable for the chefs. This is the case of the food processors attachments. Both Chefs and Titaniums have 'slow outlet attachment', 'High outlet attachments' and 'Bowl outlet attachment'.

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