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hidden heart inside cake- GBBO

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showerhead Sat 02-Nov-13 22:09:21


i think it was in the last series (2012), someone made a hidden heart cake which was then published in one of the spin off books. I think it may have been the Linda Collister showstopper book. I'm trying to order the book from my library, is that the right one? Or does anyone have a link to how to do this? I seem to recall the heart being quite small and discreet, i thought it was very pretty. Thanks in advance.

Yes it was in the showstopper book, I have that book somewhere and I remember it.

I can try to hunt it out and type it out for you if you like?

showerhead Sun 03-Nov-13 10:18:21

no its ok thanks. I don't need you to do that- very kind offer though smile.
I know i can order that book from the library so shall do so now i know its the right one. thanks.

UntamedShrew Wed 01-Jan-14 09:48:42

It is in this month's (February cover) Good Food mag!

MrsKnowName Wed 29-Jan-14 22:44:55

didn't see it but would imagine you would bake a pink cake and cut our the heart shape then put hearts into a cake tin and cover with raw cake batter and cook again. hope u find the book hth

3bunnies Mon 03-Feb-14 20:33:28

Yes fairly simple - Google twice baked cake for some ideas.

stealthsquiggle Mon 03-Feb-14 20:37:59

Cheaty way to do it here

(sadly, I am quite tempted to look for that tin next time I am in the US...blush)

stealthsquiggle Mon 03-Feb-14 20:39:44

simple instructions although they would only work for a loaf-type cake, not a round one.

3bunnies Mon 03-Feb-14 20:56:24

You can do them on round cakes - you need to taper the heart shape so it is wider on the outside then arrange it in a circle - doesn't look quite as good as that tin.

stealthsquiggle Mon 03-Feb-14 20:57:52

That's why I am tempted by the tin, 3bunnies - clearly you could do it by hand, but it would never ever look that neat.

stealthsquiggle Mon 03-Feb-14 20:58:19

...or it wouldn't if I did it grin

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