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Adjusting ingredient quantities

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stopthenoise Sun 06-Oct-13 08:39:03

I need some help adjusting a recipe for a larger cake please. I usually bake basic cakes for family using a Mary Berry recipe that's never failed me yet. It makes a decent sized 2 layer 8 inch cake, ingredients are:
4 eggs
225g of butter, sugar and flour
2tsp baking powder
I need a 3, possibly 4, layer cake. The layers come out quite deep anyway so could probably get away with 3. How do I adjust the quantities from my trusty 2 layer recipe? TIA

Knittingmamma Sun 06-Oct-13 08:48:17

Use six or eight eggs for 3/4 layers. Weigh the eggs before you start (in their shells) and use that amount of flour, sugar and butter. Alternatively, do what you're used to but twice and you'll have 4 layers! grin

nannycook Sun 06-Oct-13 15:27:03

stop, i use exactly the same quantities as you , in fact i just finished making 3 cake all different flavours, i bought the same size tin so i could make 3 layers and all i do is add another 4 ozs, to make a 12 oz mix, then you have a 4oz mix in 3 tins( 225grms is an 8 oz mix, but i guess you know that) .

I make cakes for a local cafe and i always use the same mix and quantites, the only difference i do is with the choc cake where i add melted dark choc as well as cocoa powder.

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