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Can I bake anything with oranges?

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Jaynebxl Sun 06-Oct-13 07:53:07

We have an orange mountain and I like to bake ao I wondered if there waa anything I could bake with them. Can't find a decent recipe online.

crabb Sun 06-Oct-13 07:58:07

Try this orange cake. It's wonderful (but only uses 2 oranges, sorry).

Salbertina Sun 06-Oct-13 08:03:23

Nigella's clementine cake? Have made w oranges and a little more sugar, fab and uses a few oranges. Or make 2 and freeze one.

Jaynebxl Sun 06-Oct-13 08:09:17

Ooh I like the look of that one. Thanks.

Jaynebxl Sun 06-Oct-13 08:09:53

Will look up the clementine one too thanks.

nicename Sun 06-Oct-13 08:12:13

Marmalade! Or orange polenta cake. Both are good.

Ememem84 Sun 06-Oct-13 08:13:10

Orange biscuits. Use a basic biscuit recipe and add orange.

3birthdaybunnies Sun 06-Oct-13 08:18:49

You could even add chocolate to the orange cake - I made my own recipe up, boiling down orange juice to a concentrate and then add it instead of milk/ flavour to a chocolate cake recipe. Can also do duck a l'orange (or chicken works fine too)

Rosa Sun 06-Oct-13 08:20:53

There is an orange sorbet uses lots of fresh oranges its in my mums ancient cook books think ancient good housekeeping kind of thing...its yummy

Jaynebxl Sun 06-Oct-13 08:31:50

I knew you guys would have some good ideas!

Jaynebxl Sun 06-Oct-13 10:19:50

Love the look of the clementine cake but I don't have any ground almonds. Does anyone reckon I could replace those with flour? Is that really dumb?

nicename Sun 06-Oct-13 11:52:27

Nuts will give it a taste and texture. Maybe use some brown sugar and a touch of almond essence?

Salbertina Sun 06-Oct-13 12:51:32

And it's lovely and moist without flou but sure you could adapt and use. Maybe add an extra orange?

Jaynebxl Sun 06-Oct-13 20:40:23

Ok I'm doing the nigella one! which is basically the same as the one crabb posted. But I've just let the water burn dry in the pan cos I was watching X factor! So they are a bit burnt... Hoping I can just grate the burnt skin off and still use the rest of the oranges cos I don't have another hour and a half to wait for more to cook!

Jaynebxl Mon 07-Oct-13 12:49:47

Just to update ... Cake was lovely but I felt a bit overlooked so will just cook it for 45 mins next time. I covered it with a topping of squeezed orange juice, Philadelphia and sugar and that was a great addition. Not much of it left now already ...

Salbertina Mon 07-Oct-13 12:52:21

Sounds lovely! trying not to salivate here smile

Jaynebxl Mon 07-Oct-13 21:27:58

Have just read my post ... that I felt a bit overlooked! Obviously I meant that I felt the cake was a bit overCOOKED!

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