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Anyone made a 3D Minion cake?

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stopthenoise Sat 05-Oct-13 20:25:07

I have just offered to make one for my brothers birthday next week. I am scared. Any advice? My main worry is the fondant tearing when I lift it over the top of the minion...oh and making the goggles...but any advice on anything would be gratefully received smile TIA

AngryFeet Sat 05-Oct-13 20:26:31

Dh did. I can find the video he followed if you like?

AngryFeet Sat 05-Oct-13 20:47:01

Hello - AngryFeets "DH" here.
The video I found was useless really - I ended up modelling off a picture.

Key things.

Do not try to cover this in one piece - it won't work. Do the dome of the head as one piece, then the "body" in another. Use the black strip of the goggle to hide the join.

Goggles - Do Phil - he has a single eye, not a pair, makes it far easier.
If you want to make the goggle "to scale", you will need to prepare it way in advance so it can go hard. Use black ready roll, and use a former for it to harden on. Whilst its setting/hardening, put 4 cocktail sticks through the back, of the goggle, leaving half protruding - that will allow you to "press" it into the cake at the end. use Silver Lustre Dust to give it the metallic look.

The Hair is the same as above - make in advance, and allow to harden. Skewer Phils head and insert the hair.

Eye, make from DPM, and make it oval, not round - that way you can get the yellow highlights come through the goggle.

Where I went wrong:
I didnt let the goggle and the hair harden enough (I cannot emphasise this enough), and over the day leading up to the party, the goggle began to sag a little, and the hair did too sad

I made this WAY too big - it was going to have bum and legs too, but after weighing at "half height", it was already 10 and 3/4 pounds! So Wifey said to stop and have it "coming out the board".
If you want info on how to make it stand up, I can draw the diagram - you will need an additional board the same diameter as his body, a board 25% wider than his body, and 2 decent sized dowels.

Here are a few pics of the build:

I made this one pretty big (4x 8" tins) - you can scale it down.

Hope this helps.


stopthenoise Sat 05-Oct-13 21:05:33

Thank you so much, that is all great advice that I will definitely be using. I didn't think to cover it in separate pieces and the idea to hide the join with the goggle strap is great. It all feels less daunting now! Thank you smile

stopthenoise Sat 05-Oct-13 21:15:17

Oh and the photos were fab, really good to see it broken down in stages. The finished result looked great!

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