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Questions about cupcakes from a novice

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JohnSnowsTie Sat 05-Oct-13 15:03:52

Do you use muffin cases, or smaller?

How much mixture do you pour in?

How high in the cases should the cakes be when baked? Right up to the brim, or a bit lower? My intention is to pipe frosting onto the cakes but not sure whether the icing needs to sit high or still within the case, iyswim.

Oh and one more stupid question - when using a silicone tray when's the best way to transport it to the oven without spilling everything?!

PandaNot Sat 05-Oct-13 15:09:41

I use muffin cases and fill them 1/2 full. They then rise to the top of the case and the icing sits on top. Put the silicone cases on a baking tray smile

MikeLitoris Sat 05-Oct-13 20:04:06

I use muffin cases. I fill them by using an icecream scoop. One scoop in each.

I also put the silicone tray on a thin baking tray.

JohnSnowsTie Sun 06-Oct-13 01:24:23

Thanks both!

mykingdomforasleep Sun 06-Oct-13 01:37:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nannycook Sun 06-Oct-13 07:26:18

me too, always use an icecream scoop, gives exactly the same size cake everytime.

gintastic Sun 06-Oct-13 07:45:37

OMG an ice cream scoop. Why did I not think of that?!? School has a cake sale next week, perfect timing as I've offered bake an unfeasibly large number of cakes!

Fifi1963 Mon 07-Oct-13 11:35:19

I use an icecream scoop and coloured cupcake cases (not mini ones) To ensure you get a flat top for decorating have the oven slightly cooler than recommended.
Try this link for cupcake baking tips.

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