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Fifi2406 Thu 05-Sep-13 18:33:14

Which is best for a Birthday cake?

What's the taste/ingredients difference?

nannycook Thu 05-Sep-13 20:10:30

Fifi, victoria is fine for most things as long as your not making a stacked cake, then a madeira is problay best, as it a denser cake that will take extra weight, it isnt a light as victoria but taste wise i dont see any difference.

Fifi2406 Thu 05-Sep-13 20:39:34

Thank you nanny! Will go with Victoria it's just a standard cake and icing smile

nannycook Fri 06-Sep-13 13:14:24

To be honest fifi, i'be made quite a few cakes in the last few months and i did always go with maderia, untill a few turned out so difficult to cook i went back to victoria.

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