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Bread d'oh!

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nicename Wed 04-Sep-13 15:50:22

I quickly mixed up some dough (using the right amounts of everything) and it was very wet. Like a jellyfish. Now I know that a couple of famous bakers do tell you that sloppy is good but I'm not 100% with them on that.

I had to rush for the school run and the sloppy dough is resting at the moment.

Will it be ok or will the bread be 'sticky'? Can it be rescued?

youcantakethegirloutthevalleys Wed 04-Sep-13 21:05:55

Hi nicename. I make bread quite often and I would say that unless you are making sourdough it shouldn't be sloppy. Sometimes the recipes need adapting slightly depending on the type of flour you are using. It should be like a pliable dough that gets softer and springier as you knead it. I have a dough hook on my mixer which works brilliantly although if you are doing it by hand I know the kneading can take about 10-15 mins and is a bit of a killer on the arms ( but probably good for toning up?!). Hope this helps. Good luck!

youcantakethegirloutthevalleys Wed 04-Sep-13 21:07:46

Sorry to answer the question about whether it can be rescued, you could have tried adding more flour but this is probably a bit late now!

nicename Wed 04-Sep-13 22:19:40

I made some into pizzas (came out nice) and the loaf looks ok. Breakfast will be the tester!

Yes - it was a sourdough course where I made sloppy dough (pulling across an oiled board rather than kneading), although I have a couple of books by a french baker (I forget his name) where he says a sloppy dough is the best.

nicename Thu 05-Sep-13 08:43:49

So we had breakfast and the texture was lovely and open - not a sloppy, stodgy bottom (rather like mine) at all.

Maybe this is the way ahead! From my biewing of the Great British Bake Off, aren't muffins all sloppy as a dough?

youcantakethegirloutthevalleys Thu 05-Sep-13 18:07:25

I tried sourdough a couple of times but the faffing with the yeast (including exploding jar in cupboard) and the amount if time taken (and timing it so you didn't have to get up in the middle of the night to put it in the oven smile) made me give up eventually. I did think the flavour and texture was pretty special though.

Muffins aren't my speciality but I know that Nigella never worries about a runny cake mix and hers always come out perfectly.

I am so pleased Bake Off is back, makes my week, sadly!!!

nicename Thu 05-Sep-13 19:41:54

I did a sourdough course and my goodness, the bread was bloody lovely! I never managed to cultivate my own starter at homw though!

My favourite chocolate recipe is like soup before it bakes. Every time I make it I think 'this can't be right!' but it turns out scrummy.

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