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How much buttercream?

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How much will I need to ice 48 cupcakes fairy cakes? I am thinking around 1.5 packs of butter worth? Will need to get it out of the fridge later so it's soft in the morning. Don't really want to run out and need to make a second batch if I can help it

don't let me volunteer for the summer fair again

MikeLitoris Tue 02-Jul-13 19:46:40

How arw you planning on decorating them?

If you are doing decent size swirls on all of them I would be surprised if that was enough.

I would probably do 3 packs of butter an eat the lwft overs

spongebunnyfatpants Tue 02-Jul-13 20:03:34

I use 140g of butter to 280 icing sugar and that does about 12 cupcakes with a generous swirl.
It depends on your nozzle and how you intend to decorate them.

Big swirly thing, got wide nozzles in posh cupcake style. Think I will do a pack and a half of butter, and hope for the best. Leftovers will soon find a home!

1.5 packs of butter, so around 375g, worked out just right grin

No leftovers though sad

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