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rectangle cake recipe

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nannycook Mon 17-Jun-13 07:52:58

I'm making a 9and a 6 inch cake this week for a wedding this sat, 8 isnt that big really, i recently made a 12and a10 about two weeks ago, check out my pics on my profile to see if thats what you mean goosey.

goosey123 Sun 16-Jun-13 22:45:18

yes, as straight forward as possible. all my usual recipes are round cakes, and I have no idea about fiddling measurements and cooking times. would those measures work OK in s big tin? thanks!

nannycook Sun 16-Jun-13 22:11:49

Goosey, do mean just a straight forward choccy cake recipe? How about 10ozs of everything, except the flour which you replace 2ozs of flour with cocoa powder and 5 eggs, any good to you?

goosey123 Sun 16-Jun-13 21:35:25

anyone got a good straight forward recipe for square or rectangle cake? will either use big tin 13 inch by 9 inch, or square tin 8.5 inch. not got time to mess up! prefer chocolate but making whole thing up as go along...

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