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Do I need to make Christmas cake and pud now?

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daisydee43 Sun 09-Jun-13 18:53:35


Really want to make Christmas cake and puddings for family this year. Do I need to start it early for it to be nice a moist? Want to make small ones that feed 6, any good recipes? I like simple and cheap

Thank you grin

laughinggravy Sun 09-Jun-13 20:14:32

Cake wise, November is early enough and will give you plenty of time for feeding with booze grin.

I used Delia Smith's recipe from the 1970s last year - substituted the candied peel as I don't like it. Great result and very easy.

Haven't made puddings for a couple of years but AFAICR you don't need to make them months in advance either.

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