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Eggless cake : help please!!

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Kimm2013 Wed 05-Jun-13 21:16:56

I have tried several times to make a eggless cakes---- failed, failed every time..

Please anyone, eggless cake, that is soft and tasteeee.., does one exists ?????

blue2 Wed 05-Jun-13 21:19:24

Try having a look here. I do have a chocolate cake recipe but cannot locate it. I know it originates from this website:

Alternatively Google 'Vegan Cakes'

daisydee43 Sun 09-Jun-13 18:55:08

They do exist - there's a cake shop called 'the cake box' that does them so yummy (might be a franchise?) not sure how they make them tho hmm

UptoapointLordCopper Thu 13-Jun-13 18:09:41

eggless chocolate passion cake

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 13-Jun-13 18:11:49

Why are you making an eggless cake?

I usually veganise a normal recipe by just using egg replacer. I like the results but when it comes to cake I'm not that discerning grin

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