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Birthday cake enthusiasts - advise me on a snowman

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oinkment Tue 07-May-13 08:19:12

I want to make a snowman birthday cake. I want it to be a standing up snowman.

I had thought id bake the body in my pyrex mixing bowl (as I did for a barbie skirt and a.mermaid rock) and the head in a smaller pyrex pudding basin, however I have just had a look at the bowls stacked and I'm not sure it will work. I'm going to end up with a pile of cake, not a head on a body.

Any better ideas?

I shall ice it in white butter icing, minstrel eyes and an ice cream cone nose, but I haven't yet decided how to do the scarf or whether to do a hat. Any thoughts?

MyBalletShoes Thu 09-May-13 20:42:46

I made a snowman cake a couple Christmases ago. I used a rounded ramekin type bowl for the head but it wasn't very big so might be too small for what you need. I used strawberry laces for a scarf and am racking my brains to think what I did for a hat!

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