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Non-rising brioche

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DoingTheSwanThing Sat 27-Apr-13 22:25:05

I'm attempting Paul Hollywood's chocolate & satsuma brioche. I've followed the recipe as closely as I ever follow a recipe, it's been proving for about 3 hours (recipe says at least 2), but its just not doing anything. Heating has been on for an hour, but it wasn't exactly cold before.

The only thing I didn't do according to the recipe was leave to chill in fridge for "at least 5 hours" to firm up - but it went in freezer for 20mins or so then fridge for a couple of hours. Have I killed it? The only other thing I can think of is the recipe said satsuma juice in with flour/yeast/milk/eggs etc at the beginning. Maybe the yeast came into contact and was inactivated?
I'm so sad, was looking forward to it for breakfast sad

DoingTheSwanThing Sat 27-Apr-13 22:31:02

Aaaaaw bollocks, I've worked it out.
Grabbed the wrong yeast out of the fridge. This one was supposed to be reactivated first. Just grabbed the nearest one sad

Anyone know what the chances are of it miraculously turning out ok? Not sure I want to leave milky eggy dough in the warmth overnight.

Stupid woman. Bloody good chocolate that was, too.

nannycook Sat 27-Apr-13 22:59:07

Aww bugger thats so annoying, i did a similar thing when i made the hairy bikers recipe for viennese whirls, i grabbed what i thought was plain flour only to find it was strong white bread flour, roughly the same colour packet, was not happy!! Dont give up tho, give it another go.

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