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Name for cake business please????

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clairevin Tue 12-Mar-13 11:12:11

I am starting selling my healthier cakes on a farmers market to raise funds for a charity trek I'm doing for Save the Children. I would like it to become a regular source for my fundraising and a friend has offered to design me a logo with a name for my stall. My cakes are all made with lots of fresh vegetables/fruit so is good way of getting kids to eat their veg without knowing although obviously in moderation! They are also lower in saturated fats/bad cholesterol so are heart friendly and am hoping will appeal to the older generation for this reason. They are also gluten-free.

I want a name that reflects that my cakes are different to the norm and we have narrowed it down to two names:-

"Secret Cakes" with a "sssshush" logo
"Crafty Cakes" with a "winking eye logo

Opinions/comment very much appreciated - please!!!

GooseyLoosey Tue 12-Mar-13 15:35:47

I like the first one better. Sure I have come across crafty cakes somewhere before.

HeySoulSister Tue 12-Mar-13 15:37:28

I like them both!!! Sorry no help there

Sounds fab! Well done you

Bearcrumble Tue 12-Mar-13 15:41:26

What about 'crumbs of comfort'?

flutterbynight Tue 12-Mar-13 20:36:20

Crafty cakes or crumbs of comfort gets my vote - sounds like a great thing you're doing! smile

Roseformeplease Tue 12-Mar-13 20:40:06

Hidden delights
Crafty treats
Cakes of wonder
The Secret Baker

I like both yours too.

MortifiedAdams Tue 12-Mar-13 20:42:03

Ooh I like "The Secret Baker"

What about Goody Two Shoes?

morethanpotatoprints Tue 12-Mar-13 20:42:42

Hi, just a thought but isn't secret cakes a bit contrary to what you are doing.
As a person who would benefit from your product I would need to be made aware of the health benefit from the outset.
Secret cakes would make me walk away like I have to do from all other cake shops.
Can you not put healthy something in your title.
What about something on the lines of "freedom cakes" as in free from gluten, sat fat etc. "Not naughty but nice".
I'm wasted unemployed you know, lol grin

magichamster Tue 12-Mar-13 21:01:46

I prefer secret cakes to crafty cakes. What about cakes with benefits

SnowyGrey Tue 12-Mar-13 21:25:12

Halo Cakes

logo being a cake with a halo, obvs smile

I personally wouldn't "get" the Secret Cakes idea, and the word Crafty and the wink is a bit.. um.. I don't know, but it doesn't appeal at all and doesn't reflect the goodness element either.

SnowyGrey Tue 12-Mar-13 21:34:17

Expanding on the logo, I would go for a sort of cute retro 50's cake drawn in pen-and-ink style, with a cute cheeky face on it (you know, like the dancing hot dog in the commercial at the drive-in in the film Grease?!) with maybe pushing aside some clouds either side, with a cheeky but likeable little smile, and the halo above (with sort of drawn in lines above and around (like drawing in the sun's rays). Elements of the drawing can be coloured in (ice cream colours, like mint green, pale blue, strawberry pink). You could have carrots, parsnips or whatever other veggies you put in your cakes etc peeping round the clouds. Something like that.

This should appeal to kids, but also to older generation cos of retro styling. Retro also very trendy.


dontlaugh Tue 12-Mar-13 21:37:18

Bake My Day.

ethelb Wed 13-Mar-13 07:49:44

Innocent Cakes

wildfig Wed 13-Mar-13 09:06:24

Angel Cakes?

Crafty Cakes makes me wonder if there might be a 'secret ingredient', nudge nudge, wink wink, honestly officer it's for medicinal use only.

clairevin Wed 13-Mar-13 09:59:35

Wow thank you all so much. I'm sorry but only just got chance to check back to see if I got any replies! We have now thought of "Saintly Cakes" with a halo logo???? Also if anyone got any good veggie cake recipes I would be very grateful! Particularly muffin type recipes. I want to raise as much as I possibly can for save the children - as soon as I relax I see their bloody brilliant, heartbreaking ad on the telly sad x

SnowyGrey Wed 13-Mar-13 11:08:52

Either you haven't read my contribution containing an almost identical idea(see three posts up - great minds think alike hey!) or you aren't giving me credit, oddly.
Whichever - I won't bother again! (flounces) (smile)

SpringHare Wed 13-Mar-13 11:29:53

Really Good Cakes?

clairevin Wed 13-Mar-13 11:35:56

Snowy grey I am so sorry I have now properly read your post and am truly grateful yes great minds think alike (my daughter thought of it as we were going to bed last night so can't claim any credit whatsoever) I am sending you one of my delicious parsnip and maple muffins over the airways xxx

wildfig Wed 13-Mar-13 13:54:40

springhare ooh, Really Good Cakes is a v good name. [squirrels away for future saintly cake business]

birdofthenorth Wed 13-Mar-13 14:20:54

Saintly cakes with a halo logo by far the best idea. Please open in my town, I'd be there in an instant!

SpringHare Wed 13-Mar-13 14:24:16

Feel free wildfig! <basks in approbation>

clairevin Wed 13-Mar-13 17:42:34

Haha you lot got me far too carried away here but you have given me the confidence to give it a damn good go - raising funds for save the children for the next two years then after that I may be able to run it as small business with Online sales?

Haven't been able go out to work since my daughter diagnosed with brain tumour and was disabled by the ops nearly five years ago, she is still in remission and now needs even more help as her partner has left her a single parent to our little miracle phoebe hope who was born after bex had finished six months chemo which was supposed to leave her permanently infertile - love it when docs get it wrong (they said she only had a year to live in 2008)

Anyway thank you all and I will let you know how my first market goes, just got my hygiene cert so next step is to bake and sell ;) x

Roseformeplease Wed 13-Mar-13 20:58:04

Isn't the halo logo used by the Innocent smoothie people?

missmoffatt2705 Sun 17-Mar-13 09:41:11

Bake That

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