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Baking with toddler.

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tigerlilygrr Mon 04-Mar-13 18:51:18

I made cereal bars with my 2.5 year old recently - just mix together porridge oats (not instant), nuts / seeds / dried fruits in whatever proportion you want (the mix looks exactly the same as the finished product) and a tin's worth of condensed milk I had previously heated in a saucepan. Then spread out your glorious sticky mix onto a baking tray and cook for one hour at 130 degrees or similar low temp. Absolutely delicious and the toddler can help with the mixing.

nannynick Wed 27-Feb-13 07:40:48

123biscuits - see mumsnet recipes.
Sponge/fairy cakes. We use a hand held mixer (cost under 10 pounds from argos) which 2yr old helps hold, its too heavy for her to hold unaided.

Children like helping with all sorts of things. Look at the videos on

LaTrucha Wed 27-Feb-13 07:31:45

pizza - the dough isn't hard to make. We make dough and sauce (for the kneading bit I take half and give the kids a bit each. After a few minutes I swap so everything gets a reasonable knead). We go and have a bath and then put them together. They can never wait to eat it, so we eat carrot and cucumber sticks while we wait, and whatever bits of grated cheese they can scrounge.

cashmere Tue 26-Feb-13 22:14:50

Just googled this is what k mean

cashmere Tue 26-Feb-13 22:12:38

Chocolate ladybirds.
Melt 75g chocolate (White or milk) I use Tesco value as is 30p
Stir in 3 spoons of golden syrup.
Stir until mixture forms a ball.
Put paste in fridge to set a bit.

Make something else in interim!! Choc fridge cake another good one or google All Bran loaf as ingredients measured in a cup.

Get out fridge.
Roll into about 6 balls (ovals)
Get a blunt knife and Mark the head section by making an indentation 1/3 of way along
Then make another mark at 90degrees on the remainding 2/3 to divide the body into 2 wings.

Use White/milk choc chips for eyes and spots. Can also make eyes using a cocktail stick.

Taste great and the paste us really easy to mould.

MegBusset Tue 26-Feb-13 21:01:43

Jam tarts!

thunksheadontable Tue 26-Feb-13 21:00:57

Shortbread. No eggs so no worries if they eat a bit raw and you can roll it and cut shapes out like playdoh.

Mibby Tue 26-Feb-13 21:00:12

Cookies. She loves rolling the dough and squishing them out

olivo Tue 26-Feb-13 20:58:17

We make vanilla biscuits- both DDs love rolling out and cutting, then decorating with icing, pens and various sprinkles.

Gingerbread men?

This is my fave recipe.

DeathMetalMum Tue 26-Feb-13 20:55:29

Thanks for the suggestions smile

I'm a bit wary of crispie cakes cause of the chocolate needing to be hot (dd also managed to eat far too many on her birthday). We did banana cake last weekend though she got a little bored, I don't have a food mixer so took longer than I thought it would, anything which involves flour and a rolling pin is a hit. Will look up some of the recipies.

She is 2. smile

CarpeJugulum Tue 26-Feb-13 17:42:45

Chocolate brownies
Rock buns
Coffee buns
Sponge cake
Rice Krispie tray bake (very carefully!)

Basically anything! You just need to plan ahead a bit.

DS usually stands on a chair wedged between a corner and me (so he can't fall off!) and helps out that way - he measures (sort of!), stirs and puts things into trays or cases.

And of course he eats them wink

LaTrucha Tue 26-Feb-13 17:40:50

white rolls - start it in the morning so it's ready in time for lunch smile



oaty biscuits

fairy cakes

SweepTheHalls Tue 26-Feb-13 17:40:12

Chocolate crispie cakes!

TheSkiingGardener Tue 26-Feb-13 17:37:37

Get adventurous! My 2 year old loved making this which sounds difficult but really isn't. Anything with not too many steps is good. At the weekend we made a New York cheesecake and he loved cracking the eggs and whisking them in.

Sirzy Tue 26-Feb-13 17:34:52

How old is she?

I found just basic fairy cakes was the best place to start

DeathMetalMum Tue 26-Feb-13 17:32:16

What are your best things to bake with a toddler?

Dd is two loves baking mixing rolling etc. We have been mostly decorating cakes and I let her play with pastry offcuts etc just re-rolling them out. Anyone have any simple recipies eg biscuits or cookies or something we can try this weekend?

She is happy to sit (strapped in a booster seat at the table) for up to an hour so.

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