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A question from my sister....

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HeadFairy Sat 09-Feb-13 21:21:30

Ooooh lovely, thanks. I had no idea you could freeze fairy cakes! She wants to do them tomorrow for her dd's party the following Saturday. Yay for Mumsnet! grin

FiveGoMadInDorset Sat 09-Feb-13 21:10:25

We used to freeze cakes where I worked, obviously without icing. They defrosted fine.

PandaNot Sat 09-Feb-13 21:10:05

Yes you can freeze them un-iced, they're fine and not soggy. smile

HeadFairy Sat 09-Feb-13 21:08:32

Can you freeze fairy cakes or do they go a bit soggy when you defrost them?

Is there a good way to make fairy cakes four or five days in advance of when we need them and still keep them fresh?

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