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Freezing cookies and cakes

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batmanstinks Mon 04-Feb-13 12:39:35

I'm trying to get ahead with DS's birthday party.

I know you can freeze cookie dough but can you freeze cooked cookies?

Do they have to be fully defrosted before icing?

Is there any difference in the texture?

Same for cupcakes and birthday cakes.

PeachActiviaMinge Mon 04-Feb-13 12:45:17

You can freeze cakes uniced. Icing while still frozen doesn't seem like such a good idea though as the moisture as the cake defrosts will stop your icing from firming up as well.

As for the cookies I'd freeze the dough and cook from frozen then ice once cooled as otherwise I imagine they'd taste a little stale or soft again from the added moisture.

batmanstinks Mon 04-Feb-13 13:42:46

Good thinking to freeze already cut out & then bake. Genius!

How far in advance do you think I can ice the cake. If the party's on a Sunday?

PeachActiviaMinge Mon 04-Feb-13 14:38:46

I'd ice the night before and keep in an airtight tub, Leftover cake is often eaten 2-3 days later and the icing is still good grin

batmanstinks Mon 04-Feb-13 21:50:53

So, the plan.

I'm going to make cookies this week and freeze them rolled but unbaked.

I'm going to bake them next Wednesday, ice them on Thursday/Friday (to the tune of Craig David).

I'm going to make the cake next Friday to ice Friday/ Saturday.

I'm also going to freeze the sandwiches.

Will that work?

DH will have to be in charge of balloons!

stealthsquiggle Mon 04-Feb-13 21:57:24

What sort of icing? If fondant or something else that covers the cake completely then it can be done a few days in advance, and I tend to reckon that completed cake needs at least 24 hours to dry before party.

I am not sure I would freeze sandwiches, though.

batmanstinks Mon 04-Feb-13 22:12:11

I was going fondant icing.

Does that mean I could make cake Thursday and ice Thursday/Friday?

That would help a lot!

PeachActiviaMinge Mon 04-Feb-13 22:19:04

Looks like you'd be fine icing upto 3 days in advance of the party smile

stealthsquiggle Mon 04-Feb-13 22:43:28

Would be absolutely fine. I always finish cake before I start on the rest of party catering (apart from occasional baking and freezing of small cakes)

stealthsquiggle Mon 04-Feb-13 22:44:44

You might want to make it Wednesday though - needs to be properly cold before you ice it (fridge cold if you are carving it to shape at all)

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