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Best choc chip cookie recipe?

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notforthefainthearted Wed 30-Jan-13 10:39:49

That's it really.

What recipe for choc chip cookies would you recommend? I have some dark chocolate I want to use up in cookies.

OldBeanbagz Wed 30-Jan-13 10:43:33

I always use the one out of my Be-Ro cookbook and the recipe is online here under Biscuits & Cookies.

frazzledbutcalm Wed 30-Jan-13 10:53:50

That's the recipe I also use, I've never used syrup as it's not in my be-ro book at home, but I will definitely try it next time!

LoonyRationalist Wed 30-Jan-13 11:12:08

I was sure I found this recipe on MN but can't find it in recipes now. It is truly the best ever cookie recipe making gorgeous biscuits.

350g self-raising flour
Pinch salt
200g caster sugar
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
125g butter
75g golden syrup
1 egg (beaten)
1 tsp vanilla essence
A good handful of your choice of chocolate chips, nuts, etc.
1. Sieve the flour salt, sugar and bicarb into a large mixing bowl.
2. Heat the butter and the golden syrup together until melted, and leave to cool slightly.
3. Pour the butter mixture over the dry ingredients, add the egg and the vanilla essence and mix.
4. Add the chocolate chips, nuts, etc.
5. Place small balls of the mixture onto greased baking sheets and flatten slightly with your fingers.
6. Bake in a preheated oven 160C/gas mark 3 for 15-20 minutes until starting to colour
7. They will be very soft when they come out of the oven but will harden as they cool.

notforthefainthearted Wed 30-Jan-13 11:55:29

Ooh lovely, thanks. Will make a batch of both later and compare! The family will be happy ....

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