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chcolate mousse cake

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chocandalmonds Wed 30-Jan-13 10:11:33

Hi all,
i'm making a choc mousse cake at the weekend and am unsure of the method in the Annie Bell book. Its a flourless cake, i've made similar before but with butter not cream and when i've made them i've gently folded in the ground almonds. This recipe doesn't use almonds and really is just a baked mousse. She says to whisk together the eggs and sugar until very pale and doubled in size. Then you bring the cream and coffee to boil and then pour that over the chopped chocolate and leave to melt, then stir. All fine up to here. Next she says to add the chocolate cream to the whisked egg and sugar mixture and whizz to blend. (You then bake).

Its that last sentence that seems wrong. She uses the term whizz earlier when you put the eggs and sugar in the food processor so it seems she wants everything mixed up at high speed again. won't that cause the air to go out? The book says all recipes are triple tested- its her latest.
Any help/ thoughts appeciated.


If I was doing it I would be more inclined to add a little of the whisked eggs to the choc to loosen it first, then add the rest of the eggs in and fold through with either a balloon whisk or a metal spoon.

Surely once you plonk melted choc ontop if eggs all the air will go?

But then Im thinking of separated egg whites.

If you are using a whisk attachment on a mixer and you put it on a low speed and slowly pour the melted choc mix in I think it might be ok.

chocandalmonds Wed 30-Jan-13 12:06:55

thanks, i agree. It doesnt make sense. I don't want to risk it as i won't have time to make another so i shall never know if her method works. Her Baking Bible book looks lovely and some some wonderful recipes but this isn't the first method in it that goes against what i've learnt over the years. She talks about simplifying things but it just has me confused and after baking for 30 years (at least- i'm in my mid 40s) i'm not going to start changing something as fundamental as that. I'll fold in carefully- not whizz , and return book to the library.

I am willing to take on new ideas- i no longer knead bread for extensive periods of time (i now do several short bursts as recommended by Dan lepard) , just something tells me this isn't right.

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