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Honeycomb, what the bloody hell am I doing wrong?

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Thank you, the Nigella recipe uses less bicarbonate of soda than the recipe I was using smile

Tailtwister Thu 10-Jan-13 16:27:37

I think you can get a soapy taste if you don't stir it properly?

Lorraine Pascale made some on her current programme (think it was episode 4 or 5) and it should still be on iPlayer. I made it a while ago and think it was the Nigella one I did. Turned out ok from what I remember.

Good luck!

CheCazzo Wed 09-Jan-13 20:51:11

Never tried it - too chicken! But how about trying a different recipe?

Can't Go Wrong With Nigella

So third attempt, actually best yet, still a bit squidgy on the outside when set but tastes very much of bicarb. I used the right amount as stated in recipe, any handy hints?

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