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Chocolate buttercream recipes

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stopthenoise Sat 22-Dec-12 08:58:15

Ok, I am very much a beginner baker, I make the the odd cake and cupcakes with DS. I posted a while ago asking for advice on buttercream and all of your advice was great, I think I've nailed it! What do you use in your chocolate buttercream and what is the best method to make it? I tried adding cocoa powder to my normal buttercream but seems a bit grainy. Is it better to use melted chocolate instead? Also after a chocolate ganache recipe too if anyone is willing to share. TIA

jennimoo Sat 22-Dec-12 09:59:16

I do buttercream with a big spoon of Nutella and its amazing! Otherwise try a normal chocolate spread.

stopthenoise Sat 22-Dec-12 10:28:35

ooh hadn't thought of chocolate spread! Will give that a go. Would i need to use less of anything else when I make it, because the chocolate spread will make it thicker.

jennimoo Sat 22-Dec-12 10:36:50

The recipe I roughly followed is:

A stick was (I think) 4oz and I skipped the cream and vanilla.

redwallday Sun 23-Dec-12 10:09:04

I melt chocolate and add it to the buttercream mixture. White chocolate gives it a lovely icecream flavour smile Just make sure you all the chocolate to cool a little first grin

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