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Keeping baking cheap except for butter costs!

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Bakingnovice Wed 12-Dec-12 22:08:12

I've got to a point where 90% of snacks in our house are now baked. Biscuits buns for lunchboxes and cake at the weekend. In fact the family no longer like shop bought stuff. I love it and have found it very rewarding. However it's hard to keep the cost down and ensure its cost effective for us. The cost of flour and sugar is not too bad. But I find that butter is very expensive. I tend to make less flapjacks now as although they taste better than shop ones, the cost of the oats seeds syrup and butter racks up.

How do I keep up with my baking without spending too much? Do you think I should just use something cheaper like stork?

NorksAreTinselly Wed 26-Dec-12 09:01:56

I only use butter for biscuits and always 'buttery stuff' for cakes, Clover or similar. You cannot taste the difference, it blends easily and there are very often offers 3for 2 or similar.
Biscuits really d need the butter to taste delicious unless hey ae heavily flavoured

Mmmmm, getting hungry smile

onyx72 Wed 26-Dec-12 09:04:35

Shop at Aldi. Butter is 99p a pack and flour is about 50p for a big bag.

wildfig Fri 28-Dec-12 15:33:10

Tesco has regular(ish) 3 for 2s on baking products - I stock up on chocolate chips and vanilla essence then. And the own brand value chocolate for about 35p is just as good in biscuits as 'proper' chocolate.

I also get my eggs from a neighbour for £2 a dozen; much nicer than supermarket ones, and definitely free range!

MrsJREwing Fri 28-Dec-12 15:39:49

I froze butter after reading you could on mn. I couldn't wait for it to defrost so melted it and added it to the sugar, made a lovely sponge.

ChristmasEvie Mon 31-Dec-12 01:15:56

DreamingI havent done biscuits with it-only do cakes,traybakes,scones,muffins usually.Mary Berry's baking bible says that the spreads are fine as long as they are no less than 59%fat but to use butter for biscuits as it gives a more buttery/biscuity flavour.

MissRee Sun 20-Jan-13 15:03:56

Aldi do butter for about 80p!

tabulahrasa Sun 20-Jan-13 15:31:36

I can taste when cakes don't have butter in them...I mean I'd not say it to you if you baked for me, but it does taste different.

starfishmummy Sun 20-Jan-13 15:55:01

Stork is fine in cakes and basic pastry or use a mix of the two.

Sainsbo's brand oats are fine and a tin of golden syrup is pretty cheap.

Sainsbo's Basics dark chocolate has just gone up to a (massive!) 33p a bar. It's excellent. Dp is even happy to eat it just as chocolate tbh.

I often add a big dollop of Sainsbo's natural yoghurt (about 65p) to chocolate sponge cakes to make them a bit less sweet - makes them nice and moist too.

Recipe for cheese oatcakes please, *Maldives*?

Viewofthehills Sun 20-Jan-13 16:19:35

A spot of oil works just fine in bread.
Recipes that use less egg often use some milk plus baking powder and are worth looking out for. Buttermilk (cheap) or yoghurt plus bicarb makes things rise very well-think American pancakes.

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