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Debbie Browns Jelly type maderia cakes

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bacon Mon 19-Nov-12 22:49:09

DS1 party on Saturday. Tonight I baked two expensive sponges in two new (expensive) pyrex bowls. Added the lime jelly to the mix which was hard work!

Baked for a good 1.5 hr looked well cooked, tested all seemed fine, just cut them in half and not cooked in the middle!!! Arhhhhh!!! 7 eggs, 400g butter. Now I feel sick.

Have limited time now, no eggs left now have to buy some. Bloody annoying as I wanted to get them butter creamed tomorrow.

Anyone have experience of cooking in 20cm pyrex? Heavy maderia type, wonder if the jelly makes it longer to set and thinking of just adding food colouring instead. Should this of been covered with pan as she stated to avoid drying out on edges.

Messed about getting them lined nicely. Not sure whether this type of cake carries too many risks or simply that the time stated was too short.

Hate disasters like this.

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