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Cake pops and candy melts

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leobeebs Sun 11-Nov-12 18:36:22

I'm new to baking but would like to make some snowman pops to give to ds teacher. Have heard candy melts are revolting is that right? And if so would it be ok to melt white choc instead and does it have to be cooking chic or will normal choc be ok?

HoneyDragon Sun 11-Nov-12 18:37:49

I used white chocolate and double stuffed Oreos.

leobeebs Sun 11-Nov-12 19:13:39

That's what I was thinking of honey. Did you use abit if melted choc to stick Oreos on? Did you make your own nose?

HoneyDragon Sun 11-Nov-12 19:28:47

I used cant corn for a nose and chic drops for eyes and mouth I think. I'll try and find the blog I used later snd link it for you smile

HoneyDragon Sun 11-Nov-12 22:10:00


leobeebs Mon 12-Nov-12 16:45:51

What's candy corn honey?

HoneyDragon Mon 12-Nov-12 17:05:22

American caramel sweets that look conveniently like carrots grin, a lot of sweet shops that stock American goodies have them

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