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Sugarcraft demo: help!!

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Dumpyandabdabs Fri 02-Nov-12 20:41:43

I have a small cake decorating business and have been going for over a year now. I've been asked to do a WI demonstration in a local village later this month and although I'm pretty confident with the sugarcraft aspect I'm slightly 'bricking it' at the whole demonstrating to actual real people eek!!

They want to have a hands on class where they will be able to follow what I'm doing and make something at the same time. I was wondering if any of the cakey enthusiasts on here could help me decide what to make with the ladies. I need it to fit a couple of criterior a) Its got to be simple and b) Its got to be done with as little equiptment as possible preferably just hands and icing really, as I don't have enough of everything to go around.

I was thinking along the lines of a moulded sugar paste rose that you make in one of those plastic pocket folders and possibly something Christmassy, a snowman or a robin?

Do you think this would be ok, if anyone has any other ideas I'm def open to suggestions. Christ why did I agree to this!!!

DrSeuss Fri 02-Nov-12 21:25:39

Faux fabric rose? Needs a rolling pin and a knife.
I have a book showing how to use star cutters of various sizes to cut fondant which you then stack to make a tree. Ever so easy. Add glitter and dragees.

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