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Quick help please - gingerbread confusion!

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archfiend Thu 01-Nov-12 08:52:17

Have probably foolishly said we will make a gingerbread house today but the recipe that comes with the kit is all in cups.

I looked it up and a cup seems to = 8oz but then I found this site and it seems that cups are different amounts for different things.

If I need 5 cups of flour how much is that? Is it 40oz or 36oz?? Also, what the fuck is Crisco and where do I find it?!

Alternatively, does anyone have a good gingerbread recipe for making houses? grin

WofflingOn Thu 01-Nov-12 09:04:31

Find a teacup and use that as a measure. Crisco is just butter/marge. I use Clover.

WofflingOn Thu 01-Nov-12 09:05:29

archfiend Thu 01-Nov-12 09:05:43

Thank you! I will give it a go.

WofflingOn Thu 01-Nov-12 09:07:08

Get some cheap boiled sweets, crush them into powder in a blenderand sprinkle them into the window openings, they melt and give you a coloured glass effect.

archfiend Fri 02-Nov-12 08:34:41

Thanks for the tip re boiled sweets- didn't see this in time before we made it but will remember for next time. The house is done, it's slightly very crooked but it tastes good!

WofflingOn Fri 02-Nov-12 09:55:05

Glad it went well!
You can do the boiled sweets thing with biscuits as well, cut out the middle and fill it up.

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