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Useless at baking - need to make a birthday cake for 5 yo DS1

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HappyAsEyeAm Sun 21-Oct-12 20:29:44

I am a useless baker, and I need to make a birthday cake to feed 30 or so for DS1.

Please give me your receipes and ideas on how to decorate it. Please don't under-estimate how useless I am, and make it as simple as possible! Happy to sepnd whatever I need to, both to make it special and easy!

He is really into trains, Thomas The Tank Engine, transport, duplo, animals in general, dinosaurs and pirates. Typical boy, really. No theme for the party as such.

Bunbaker Sun 21-Oct-12 20:36:30

I would just make one of Mary Berry's all-in-one traybakes and ice it with buttercream then decorate with little coloured sweets. I can guarantee that will go down a storm.

The trick with buttercream icing is to cover the cake with one thin layer, let it set then put another layer on top

lieback Sun 21-Oct-12 20:50:11

use this recipe but don't worry about the lemon

It says serves 10 but if you double it it will probably be enough for 30 kids party bags.

You could do a big rectangle, cover with green icing,make train tracks out of liquorice laces, put existing toy train on.

Big rectangle, cover with icing and lots of brown sugar. Place on small plastic diggers.

Any shape, green butter icing, put upright choc fingers around the edge so they are standing on the board but stick up above the top of the cake. You have a 'field' for plastic animals.

Big rectangle, cover with blue buttercream (will be a bit greeny due to yellow of butter) cover half with golden sugar. You have a 'beach' and the ocean. Decorate with plastic pirate ship, pirates and palm trees.

MaureenMLove Sun 21-Oct-12 20:56:51

You know what? Don't bust a gut and get stressed over a cake. You'll have enough going on, without worrying about the cake! I AM a baker and do all my DD's cakes and many others, so I don't say this lightly! But really, if you can't do it - cheat! grin

First of all, I wouldn't think about making a cake for 30. I'd make a simple victoria sponge, big enough for the candle blowing and for the family after everyone has gone home. I would buy cake to put in party bags. Apart from anything else, that also means you can do them before the party, therefore less stress again. Of course, I'm assuming you're having a party, since it's got to feed 30!

So, back to the cake. Make a simple vicky sponge, cover it with melted chocolate, buy decorations of your choice and bung a ribbon round it!

Your DS will be thrilled that you've tried and will remember it for ever, as the year mummy had a go! smile

bacon Mon 22-Oct-12 14:14:53

Here are a few fab recipes. double up and make a sandwhich - I made mine orange flavoured.

use plastic figures to decorate (childs fav TV characters) at least they can play with them after.

Use buttons/flakes and smarties for edging.

Those cake fountains are great and impressive.

You only need small pieces so these will feed 30.

HappyAsEyeAm Mon 22-Oct-12 16:22:18

Thanks very much for the recipes and ideas. I am determined to have a go at something other than Delia's all in one cake. It works for me, but all I have ever done is put ready to roll icing on top, and cut out whatever figure he is out of the leftover icing and dyed it blue. And then put a ribbon round the bottom.

I think I could try and be more adventurous this year! Really liking the idea of making train tracks out of laces.

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