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Gas ovens

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nannycook Sun 14-Oct-12 19:03:59

Ok, i'm going nuts here, just moved house that has a gas oven, always used a fan oven in the past, only to find things take so much longer to cook, a simple victoris sponge i made today with an 8oz mix, 35 mins, please tell me this is right and i just have to get used to it? and theres no noise like fan oven, madness.

LIZS Sun 14-Oct-12 19:12:58

You may need to adjust where you position dishes as the heat is less evenly distributed than in a fan assisted. Did you preheat it ? Why do you need noise, I find it really irritating! The level of flame will indicate when the thermostat is cutting in to boost the heat so higher to start then lower when it reaches temperature.

No advice really, but much sympathy.

You might find that you need to turn things so they cook evenly. And its a bit trial and error to find which shelf is best!

MyThumbsHaveGoneWeird Sun 14-Oct-12 19:18:13

Get an oven thermometer! The temp dial on my gas oven is hopeless, but I do loads of baking and have no probs if I use the thermometer instead. It's a little thing that just sits on the shelf.

nannycook Sun 14-Oct-12 19:28:42

LIZS, i dont mind there not being any noise, just not used to not having any at all, i keep looking at it to make sure its still on, i did put the oven on to start with as i've always done in the past, i cooked the cakes in the middle shelf as again, i've always done, cant really open the doors to rotate.
But as long as its normal, i'll keep on baking, hope to master it before next year, i have 3 wedding cakes to make!!!

nannycook Sun 14-Oct-12 19:31:24

MyThumbs, i bake alot too, which is why i'm getting annoyed at myself, forgot to tell every one i cooked those cakes on gas 4.

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