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Is there an easy to bake cake that keeps for a few days?

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MamaChocoholic Sun 14-Oct-12 07:11:19

I tend to bake with the kids on a Sunday. Things like crumbles, fairy cakes, rock cakes so easy things - kids are 4, 2 and 2. But it would be nice to bake something that lasted a couple of days and could go in ds1's lunchbox Monday and Tuesday. Any suggestions? No chocolate as dd is allergic.

lightrain Sun 14-Oct-12 07:16:47

A full sized cake - Victoria sponge - would keep fine for 3 days in an airtight tin.

A madeira cake keeps well, longer than a sponge. Again, airtight tin is your friend.

Larger cakes keep better than smaller ones, which tend to dry out. If you're looking for individual things, how about flapjack or shortbread? Both would keep well.

weegiemum Sun 14-Oct-12 07:22:54

Banana bread. Making it today as bananas are black. Lasts a few days, can be baked as a loaf or muffins, and freezes well in slices.

UntamedShrew Sun 14-Oct-12 07:24:59

I find fruit cakes keep best. I've a very easy recipe for an all in one fruit cake if you want it? But it's made in a pan on the hob so may not be best to cook with DC.

bacon Sun 14-Oct-12 08:29:35

Never have a problem with cakes lasting around 5 days but do you mean you want the quantity to last?

Light fruit cake - make into tray bake portions.

Make a cake on 8" 20cm - using 4-5 eggs makes a decent sandwhich we love vanilla cake here or buttermilk types.

Lemon drizzle in a loaf tin

A maderia is dence but requires a good flavouring.

Cherry bakewell cupcakes - bbc food

Carrot cake - you can keep this in the fridge and make into cupcake portions.

MamaChocoholic Sun 14-Oct-12 08:44:28

I mean a fairy cake doesn't taste nice after 1 day let alone 5! Clearly I need an airtight tin.

Think I'll try carrot or lemon cake, good suggestions and have the ingredients. Fruit cake we all love, but not to cook on the stove, and bananas never hang around long enough to get black.

Cherry bakewell sounds gorgeous, on phone so will check recipe later, but is it easy enough to do with kids? Always imagined bakewell to be complicated.

BoringSchoolChoiceNickname Sun 14-Oct-12 08:56:18

Carrot cake or banana bread could be baked and then half shoved in the freezer so you could either unfreeze the other half on Wednesday, or save it for the following Wednesday and mix and match throughout the week so they got a bit more variety. You can also freeze raw cookie dough and bake them a few at a time.

bluebird68 Sun 14-Oct-12 09:27:55

i was going to suggest on top of air tight tin - how about freezer? i often bake a cake then freeze it ready sliced, you then take out 1 or 2 slices as needed. not sure how it would work with dry things like scones or rock cakes but i do it very successfully with victoria sponge mixtures and loaf cakes.

MamaChocoholic Sun 14-Oct-12 19:36:46

Well no carrots so we made courgette cake. It's wrapped in foil pending a cake tin. Planning to freeze one slice later and see how it is by Wednesday. I'd always imagined frozen cake would be like frozen bread, which is fine toasted imo, but not good for use as bread. Perhaps not?

Thewidewideworld Sun 14-Oct-12 19:41:40

Parkin cake keeps really well.

nannycook Sun 14-Oct-12 19:43:37

Mama, i freeze lots of things, rangeing from bread, even buttercream as i did today, always been fine.

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