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Please recommend an oven for baking

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IWishIWasAFrog Tue 09-Oct-12 01:05:26

Kitchen being ripped out and replaced in 3 weeks' time- eek!

I was wondering if anyone can recommend an oven that is good for baking? If I win the lottery, a Kitchen aid oven it will be! But, while I'm fairly poor, I would really appreciate a recommendation! I had a look at the Neff ovens a la Great British Bakeoff, but apparently their thermostats are terrible with a 15 deg variation to be expected as per manufacturer...

At the moment I have a gas oven which I LOATHE.


EugenesAxe Tue 09-Oct-12 07:25:33

I have a Neff and can relate to the thermostat thing. For long cake bakes (e.g. 10" deep tins) I often have to cook for much longer or at a slightly higher temp. Generally though it produces nice results and whenever I've gone into kitchens recently it seems de rigeur to have a Neff. The fan element went on ours recently- easily replaced on eSpares and fitted by DH (although I could have done it - he just gravitated towards the task as he's wont to do).

We had a SMEG in our old house - element seemed to go often. Not sure it would be worth the price tag. If Miele do ovens they are a trusted brand for most electrics. Try John Lewis for reviews - their customers seem good at it!

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