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Aldi dark cooking chocolate review

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bacon Thu 27-Sep-12 11:37:07

I saw these packs the other day - 54% 56p for 150g and it tasted fine - I have tasted a lot worse. Baked a lovely cake with it and used it in granche. Highly recommended will be returning for a lot more.

I usually use Sainbos value dark chocolate in the plain white packaging around 30p for 100g also acceptable, but taste not as good as Aldis.

LondonInBoots Thu 27-Sep-12 12:02:50

Thanks for the info! The Lidl dark choc is also great for baking, 35p for 100g and chops up lovely for choc chip cakes, and the bars are re-sealable. The milk isn't as good but perfectly usable in baking.

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