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Digger and dumper cake? Help!

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megandraper Thu 27-Sep-12 05:16:10

ds is about to be 5 and has just announced he wants a chocolate 'digger and dumper' cake. Help! I am not very good at decorating cakes and don't know where to start!

swooosh Thu 27-Sep-12 05:25:26

Two cube shaped cakes, one big to be the digger with a smaller one next to it for the dumper. Biscuits as the wheels. You could either use a yellow rolled icing or a yellow frosting on it. Windows made of rolled icing. Scoop a dent out of the 'digger' and have crushed Oreo mud over flowing.. grin

Arithmeticulous Thu 27-Sep-12 06:28:49

Or do an ordinary round/square cake, cover in butter cream then crushed oreos/ bourbons /digestives (earth vs sand!) and place toy diggers and dump trucks on top.

BikeRunSki Thu 27-Sep-12 06:53:08

When DS wanted this, I did a tray of Rocky Road as the ground and got cheap digger and dumper toys from Poundland to go on top. I added a pile of "chocolate raisin rubble" for the digger to dog, the dumper was full of Smaties, there was a half built was made out of bricks of chopped up twixes, a couple of puddles of lime jelly in little dishes sunk into the Rocky Road before it set and some fondant wellies and hard hat.

xkcdfangirl Thu 27-Sep-12 06:57:28

I'm sure I've seen one like this recently (rumages in history list) - here

megandraper Thu 27-Sep-12 10:51:21

On you lot are brilliant! I am enthused now!

megandraper Thu 27-Sep-12 10:51:45

Oh not on....

bacon Thu 27-Sep-12 11:28:14

Have a look on cake central - always great for also search excavator. If you do really struggle then use lego toys to add the 3D effect.

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