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any one got the cake pop machine from lakeland?

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MikeLitoris Sat 30-Jun-12 17:20:07

this one?

I'm not a fan of cake pops but I get asked to make them loads.

they take ages to make and I think they are too sickly sweet.

the reviews are amazing but I've never used a kitchen gadget that actually worked before.

it's only £20 but I don't want to buy another bit of crap just to stick it in the cupboard and never use it again.

iampadoods Tue 17-Jun-14 02:07:47

Ive had this cake pop maker before and had some fun times with it. I did notice that it makes cake pops a little dry/ tough on the outer layer (I think because of direct heat?). I have since switched to using a cake pop silicone mould. It takes a little longer to make but it makes fluffier pops! So worth the extra effort! :D If you’re keen, I got mine at

AlisonMoyet Mon 04-Mar-13 09:54:30


I am getting the maker for s3s birthday.

what other gear can i get him ( sticks obv)

anyone got any links to good accessories? Or brands that work?

PoppyWearer Tue 17-Jul-12 21:29:42

I tried using melted chocolate to keep them on the stick, then froze them, but found that they came off the stick when dipped into candy melt because the chocolate melted.

I thought the candy melt worked better than chocolate.

stealthsquiggle Tue 17-Jul-12 21:21:03

I dipped the sticks in chocolate before putting them in, and then froze the balls before covering them - works fine, but you only have about 5 mins half an hour before they thaw. I used usual (hummingbird) cupcake recipe and they were nicely moist.

CMOTDibbler Tue 17-Jul-12 14:24:36

My cakes were lovely and moist. Dipping the stick in choc and then putting in the cake ball worked fine to keep them on.
I just used my usual weight of eggs sponge recipe, then put it in an icing bag to make filling the holes easier. A 2 egg mix made 30 balls

VikingVagine Tue 17-Jul-12 13:17:17

Do you have to follow a special recipe for the cake mix or does anything work in the machine?

cuteable Tue 17-Jul-12 12:19:36

How does it work... Is the cake moist? I love decorating cake pops but it aint half a faff to make the balls. I was considering starting a business making them. But I dont get how the cake balls would stay on the stick if they are not made by hand with buttercream mixed in...

I might have to buy one just to try it.

With regards to candy melts vs chocolate. Candy melts dry much harder than chocolate. They tend to be easier to work with (candy melts) and the pops tend to stay on the stick better... Personal preferance as to which ones are best.

GetOrfMoiiLand Mon 16-Jul-12 19:45:57

That is absolutely brilliant - I thought the asparagus was real. That must have taken you ages. Really impressive.

stealthsquiggle Mon 16-Jul-12 18:57:00

LOL GetOrf - yes, it's a cake, with sugarpaste asparagus grin - I found the idea on a blog someone on MN pointed me at and I couldn't resist it.

GetOrfMoiiLand Mon 16-Jul-12 18:45:29

Good lord stealth - I have just looked on your flickr page, is that asparagus cake actually a cake with asparagus made out of sugar or whatever?

It looks amazing in any case.

God you lot are clever. envy

stealthsquiggle Mon 16-Jul-12 18:40:10

(and yes, it is a positive metropolis compared to where we are!)

stealthsquiggle Mon 16-Jul-12 18:39:30

I know where you are - and one of our bears once made that death leap grin

CMOTDibbler Mon 16-Jul-12 18:00:09

Mine were for a silver wedding party, but it did need a lot of explaining.

And we're a town with a carnival, river festival and a fruit based festival, not a fete grin. Not sophisticated though as the highlight is the chucking teddies off the bell tower

stealthsquiggle Mon 16-Jul-12 17:31:16

CMOT as I remember you are the other end of the same county as me. Did you spend half the fete explaining what a cake pop is too, or is your village altogether more sophisticated than ours?

<<must note CMOT's village fete date and hope it doesn't clash with ours again next year>>

MikeLitoris Mon 16-Jul-12 17:08:29

They look lovely.

I'm making ds a load of pops for his class party on wed. I hope they look half as good as yours cmot

stealthsquiggle Mon 16-Jul-12 15:34:26

wow - looks like you made 100's! I managed 50 and they were scruffy compared to those but forgot to take photos blush

CMOTDibbler Mon 16-Jul-12 15:23:24

On my profile now - not a v good pic as I didn't take any once they were set up

MikeLitoris Mon 16-Jul-12 15:09:25

I need to see pics of these cake pops.

If your on fb look for the cake poppery. They make amazing pops.

CMOTDibbler Mon 16-Jul-12 12:23:26

I found some trex added to the white choc helped a lot. Didn't get any candy melts in time, but cake covering was better than cooking choc in terms of dippability.

The cake pops looked and tasted great though, and all got eaten

stealthsquiggle Mon 16-Jul-12 12:20:47

Cake pops went reasonably well (sold well at village fete), but the white chocolate 'siezed' on me after 3. I suspect it was because I got all the cake pops out of the freezer at the same time, and dipped the dark chocolate ones first - by the time I got to white chocolate, the balls had thawed too much and as well as falling off the sticks (has anyone solved that problem?) they were too moist and the moisture caused the chocolate to sieze - or am I missing something else that I needed to do with white choc in particular?

CMOTDibbler Wed 11-Jul-12 15:14:36

Meant to say, but obv will need some extensive testing grin. Although more seriously as I need a proportion to be gf/df the cake may take a bit of working on, and I need ds to have lost interest in decorating

CMOTDibbler Wed 11-Jul-12 15:12:53

I'm thinking of lemon meringue (lemon cake, crushed meringue and some candied zest on the outside), white mocha, and black forest (if it works injecting some cherry jam into the middle). Those dried strawberries sound great, so will have a look.
Will make and freeze tomorrow - then I can just dip on Saturday

stealthsquiggle Wed 11-Jul-12 15:04:02

I will be interested in the results of your experiments, CMOT. I have to bake for Saturday's village fete tonight (bake to freeze - rest can be done Friday night) and I am planning cake pops. I have some melts, but most will be cheap chocolate unless you tell me it is a disaster. I have some poncey Heston-recommended freeze dried strawberry bits so I was going to do dark chocolate dipped in those.

When I did the jubilee ones I froze the cake pops on sticks (dipped sticks in melts before I stuck them in) and then dipped them whilst still frozen, which I suspect made for thicker chocolate but it kept them on the sticks. I plan on doing the same this time - largely to save time as I can make and freeze them tonight and dip them on Friday night.

I also need to work out what else to make - it may be governed entirely largely by what is in the cupboard.

VikingVagine Wed 11-Jul-12 14:34:59

It seemed to work just like melts, the choc did melt a little when they came out of the fridge, but it's 46° outside, so I'm pretty sure the melts would have melted too...!

CMOTDibbler Wed 11-Jul-12 11:35:06

I think cooking chocolate always contains stuff to make it behave when melted and recooled.

But in the interests of experimentation, I will go get my cake pop maker this afternoon, and compare the candy melts, cooking chocolate and ordinary grin DS and I will have fun !

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