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any one got the cake pop machine from lakeland?

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MikeLitoris Sat 30-Jun-12 17:20:07

this one?

I'm not a fan of cake pops but I get asked to make them loads.

they take ages to make and I think they are too sickly sweet.

the reviews are amazing but I've never used a kitchen gadget that actually worked before.

it's only £20 but I don't want to buy another bit of crap just to stick it in the cupboard and never use it again.

AlmostAHipster Sun 01-Jul-12 12:45:23

Oh I want one now! envy

GrapesAnatomy Sun 01-Jul-12 12:48:57

I have one, it is great. I made chocolate cake pops for my dd's party and everyone (grandparents included) loved them.

I got the sticks from them from eBay or amazon - can't remember which but they were cheaper than Lakeland.

Be warned : if you value your thighs do NOT try the mini doughnut recipes and definitely do NOT roll them in a bowl of cinnamon sugar when you get them out. They're lush revolting. grin

LynetteScavo Sun 01-Jul-12 12:51:56

I think I neeeeed one!

MikeLitoris Sun 01-Jul-12 12:55:36

grin I love it gwen

Almost. Get one. Its fab.

pumpkinsweetie Sun 01-Jul-12 12:55:40

Ooh so looking forward to getting one smile

GrapesAnatomy Sun 01-Jul-12 12:57:09

I haven't tried this before but hopefully this is a picture of the ones I made here

AlmostAHipster Sun 01-Jul-12 13:05:06

It's my eldest's 18th birthday in a couple of weeks. I think I need to make some red and black cake pops for her party. Need. Not want. smile

AlmostAHipster Sun 01-Jul-12 13:05:53

They are FAB, Grapes!

MikeLitoris Sun 01-Jul-12 13:11:43

Cinnamon sugar! <Drooling>

They are all cooked now. Just cooling then will be trying to get them all on sticks.

MikeLitoris Sun 01-Jul-12 13:25:24

X-post. Grapes they are beautiful!

trixymalixy Sun 01-Jul-12 13:32:18

I need one now too!!!!!!

Does it come with a recipe? A

MikeLitoris Sun 01-Jul-12 13:36:33

Yes trixy it does. Vanilla, choc, lemon and a few others.

My only slight issue with it would be that the top of the ball is a bit paler than the bottom. They were so easy to turn I just flipped them over for the last minute.

AlmostAHipster Sun 01-Jul-12 13:44:21

Right. I'm picking up my machine tomorrow and I've just ordered cellophane bags, candy melts, edible glitter and sticks from Amazon. I cannot wait!

I was trying to keep it a secret from the birthday girl but she's sneaker than a sneaky thing and came in the room < snooty >

MikeLitoris Sun 01-Jul-12 16:51:13

Have tried to put some pics on profile.

AlmostAHipster Sun 01-Jul-12 17:18:00

Oh they look fantastic! Well done. That will bee mee!

(I especially like the dog-shaped one grin)

pumpkinsweetie Sun 01-Jul-12 18:47:12

They look delish mmmm

GwendolineMaryLacey Sun 01-Jul-12 19:20:27

Wow, you sneaks. You're not supposed to be better at decorating them than me grin

AlmostAHipster Mon 02-Jul-12 19:08:25

I hope this works as I'm on an iPad which can be a bit tricky grin. Anyway - many thanks, guys - we've done a trial run today and have had a lovely time!

MikeLitoris Mon 02-Jul-12 20:06:18


Im thinking of trying the choc orange ones next and taking them into work grin

AlmostAHipster Mon 02-Jul-12 20:11:28


You should try a new recipe every day and poke 'em in her pigeonhole!

GwendolineMaryLacey Mon 02-Jul-12 21:01:58

I put a couple of undecorated chocolate balls in dd1's first ever lunchbox today (she's 4 and practising for big school). She was delighted smile

LynetteScavo Mon 02-Jul-12 21:12:32

But how do you fill it up with cake mixture? confused

MikeLitoris Mon 02-Jul-12 21:22:51

Lynette- you just spoon it in. Close the lid and let them cook.

LynetteScavo Mon 02-Jul-12 22:00:59

Oh, of course they rise! Duh!

stealthsquiggle Mon 09-Jul-12 14:50:45

Signing in / marking my place.

Not as pretty as others, but these were my first attempt from my machine after the trial runs of cakes and doughnuts which the DC and I scoffed

I am due to do more for the village fete next weekend. I had meant them to be made and frozen on sticks by now for last minute icing [panic].

Uniced cake balls for packed lunches is a genius idea - you could make a batch and freeze them and then just chuck a couple into a lunchbox each morning.

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