Ellis - which gender?

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Maize Sat 20-Mar-10 19:09:12

I love the name Ellis for a boy.

My mum, who is a primary school teacher, says that it is a girls name and a boy called Ellis will be teased.

I know that Ellie is very popular for girls but is Ellis?


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Scotia Sat 20-Mar-10 19:10:38

I know two boys and one girl called Ellis. I think I prefer it for a boy.

GheeDeMaupassant Sat 20-Mar-10 19:11:14

Ellis is definitely a lovely name for a boy. Never heard of it being a female name.

Scotia Sat 20-Mar-10 19:11:23

Oh, and they don't know each other and live in 3 different cities if that helps grin

usualsuspect Sat 20-Mar-10 19:11:30

I would say its a boys name ,never heard of a girl called Ellis

PandaG Sat 20-Mar-10 19:12:40


Collision Sat 20-Mar-10 19:13:01

My primary school teacher was called Mr Ellis

Went to senior school with a girl who had the middle name Ellis

am now teaching a 3y old boy called Ellis!!!!


activate Sat 20-Mar-10 19:13:29


stillenacht Sat 20-Mar-10 19:14:19

I have taught a girl called Ellis

activate Sat 20-Mar-10 19:14:24


purpleturtle Sat 20-Mar-10 19:15:09


Maize Sat 20-Mar-10 19:15:58

Oooh thank you for agreeing with me!

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DrivenToDistraction Sat 20-Mar-10 19:17:10

I know two women called Ellis, but I'm not in the UK and they aren't British. It's the equivalent to Alice here. I'm pretty sure it's firmly male in the UK.

shonaspurtle Sat 20-Mar-10 19:18:18

Eilis is a girl's name.

If I saw the name Ellis I would assume it was a boy.

Maggie00 Sat 20-Mar-10 19:29:04

Boy's name. although, it is very close in sound to Alice.

Maggie00 Sat 20-Mar-10 19:29:52

shona confused!?

blametheparents Sat 20-Mar-10 19:32:28

DS has a girl in his class called Ellis

shonaspurtle Sat 20-Mar-10 19:35:19

Eilis is a gaelic name pronounced Eye-lish. I think it's the Irish form of Elizabeth.

Maggie00 Sat 20-Mar-10 19:37:04

Shona. I need to lean in closer to screen. Your post makes perfect sense.

shonaspurtle Sat 20-Mar-10 19:42:07

Lol I thought that might be it. Pesky "i" / "l" thing wink

littlemissm Sat 20-Mar-10 20:04:46

My father inlaw is called Ellis. It sounds better for a boy than a girl.

DebiNewberry Sat 20-Mar-10 20:05:53

The only one i know is a girl

Lovethesea Sat 20-Mar-10 20:24:43

I don't know any but would expect BOY

MintyMoo Sat 20-Mar-10 20:39:45

I know two Ellis', one is a girl who is in her early teens and the second is a boy aged around 7. I knew the female Ellis first but would assume an Ellis to be male unless told otherwise.

LynetteScavo Sat 20-Mar-10 20:42:33

I didn't know it was ever a girls name.

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