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Adelaide (Heidi)

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nevergoogle Sun 13-Oct-13 15:42:55

This name has come up today prompted by 9 year old DS.

It's in the family tree (MIL's mothers middle name)
And we kind of like it and it goes great with out surname.

What's the MN feeling on Adelaide / Adelheid / Heidi ?

nevergoogle Sun 13-Oct-13 15:43:23

with our surname.

MinnesotaNice Sun 13-Oct-13 15:47:14

I like it, but spelled as Adelaide. Was on our short-list but we have 2 DSs.

sonniebonnie Sun 13-Oct-13 15:58:56

Adelaide is ok, but Adelheid and Heidi are awful imo.

nevergoogle Sun 13-Oct-13 16:24:37

really I though Heidi would be fairly mainstream.
I've only ever met lovely heidis.

i've had a look at the baby name lists and see that there were no adelaide's born in scotland last year. is this because it's that bad?

nevergoogle Sun 13-Oct-13 17:30:57


TallulahBetty Sun 13-Oct-13 17:42:29

Adelaide is gorgeous. Divine.

Heidi is hideous.

JumpingJackSprat Sun 13-Oct-13 17:44:25

adelaide is beautiful. heidi is dull and bordering on ugly in comparison.

Clargo55 Sun 13-Oct-13 19:05:20

I love Adelaide. Would be on our list if it worked with our surname.

AugustRose Sun 13-Oct-13 19:09:24

I love Heidi, but then I would as it's my DD2's name - I can assure you she is not dull or hideous. I liked Adelaide but preferred Heidi, I've only met two others and they were both lovely ladies.

imofftolisdoonvarna Sun 13-Oct-13 19:17:11

Adelaide is lovely, adelheid is just totally weird and I don't get the link between Adelaide and Heidi. Do you mean Heidi to be a nickname for it or is a separate suggestion?

imofftolisdoonvarna Sun 13-Oct-13 19:18:13

Addie is a very cute nickname for Adelaide as well.

Letticetheslug Sun 13-Oct-13 19:21:22

Adeleide, yes..Heidi , NO

imofftolisdoonvarna Sun 13-Oct-13 19:21:33

Ok, so a quick google has cleared things up for me on that one! I always thought Heidi was a name in its own right, have never even heard of adelheid.

Definitely Adelaide smile

nevergoogle Sun 13-Oct-13 19:22:23

Adelaide is the english form of the old German name Adelheid.
Heidi is in the baby name books as a nickname for both adelaide and adelheid.

WhispersOfWickedness Sun 13-Oct-13 19:40:13

Adelaide is lovely, I know a very sweet 3yo one grin

I like Heidi as well, but prefer Adelaide smile

thegreylady Sun 13-Oct-13 19:58:13

I only know one Heidi and she is gorgeous. My friend at school nearly 60 years ago was Adeline. I don't see why Adelheid is so different from Adelaide and it lends itself well to Heidi as nn.

invicta Sun 13-Oct-13 20:00:58

Adelaide is lovely.

YoMamma Sun 13-Oct-13 20:11:08

I'm really surprised about the negative reactions to Heidi. I thought it was quite a popular name! I think both Adelaide and Heidi are lovely and its really nice to have a family connection to the name.

JumpingJackSprat Sun 13-Oct-13 20:30:49

i never said all people called heidi were dull and ugly ffs if you want to take it personally that is up to you. i stand by my opinionthough. adelaide is much nicer than heidi.

EhricLovesTeamQhuay Sun 13-Oct-13 20:33:48

Adelaide NN Heidi? No. Adelaide or Heidi are both ok, looks daft.

badtime Sun 13-Oct-13 20:36:36

This is not my view (I like the name), but some people are not aware that Adelaide is historically a girls name, and think that it originated as a 'geographical' type name after the Australian city (which, in reality, was named after King William IV's wife).

I dislike Heidi as a stand-alone name, but think it is fine as a nickname.

skyeskyeskye Sun 13-Oct-13 20:45:04

Heidi is a nice name.

HerRoyalNotness Sun 13-Oct-13 20:58:57

I prefer Heidi or the Adelheid, all i can hear in my head with the other is an Aussie saying Adelaide and it doesn't sound as pretty

Alisvolatpropiis Mon 14-Oct-13 18:50:37

I don't like Heidi at all but Adelaide is lovely.

Adelheid is rather less so.

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