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Can anyone look at my shortlist of girls names please, all opinions welcome

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fuckwittery Fri 20-Sep-13 00:43:44

Would like a wide range of opinions, and an idea of names that incite strong feelings. DD3 and we've sort of run out of girls names we both like

Pippa / Phillippa

Thank you!

manicinsomniac Fri 20-Sep-13 00:49:51

Lydia - quite like this; timeless and classic
Felicity - love this. One of my favourite names
Jemima - really like this
Pippa / Phillippa - quite like it. Much prefer Pippa to Philippa though
Brona - never heard this before. Not sure I like it.
Emmeline - not keen on this but not sure why
Cassandra - really like it. Cassidy is also lovely
Petra - not keen, sounds a bit like petulant
Cora - quite like it
Coraline - don't like it
Alexia - like it but think Alexis and Alexandra are even nicer
Linnea - like linear? Never heard it but it sounds more like a word than a name.

I would choose Felicity or Cassandra from your choices.

kiwimummy11 Fri 20-Sep-13 03:39:27

Lydia - like it a lot (my niece's name)
Felicity - ok, tiny bit pretentious sounding?
Jemima - like, although will always make me think puddle duck
Pippa / Phillippa - like
Brona - hm, I like that - never heard it, sounds like it could be Welsh??
Emmeline - ok
Cassandra - not bad, quite feminine
Petra - no idea why, but I always think this sounds quite masculine (despite ending in a)
Cora - ok
Coraline - I think she'd be forever saying, 'no, not Caroline...'
Alexia - not bad
Linnea - hm... not sure... have you considered Liana / Leanna (which I love)?

fuckwittery Fri 20-Sep-13 07:11:20

Liana is my dd1's middle name already, I did moot using it for dd3 but dd1 was horrified smile

Linnea - Lin-ey-ah is how it is said. Scandinavian but we only have tenuous links, DH likes this one, me not so much

Brona / Bronagh is Irish, we have an Irish surname, dh alf irish and one of our dd's has an irish name (Orla) but the other dd an english name!

Bunbaker Fri 20-Sep-13 07:18:22

I like all of them except Linnea which sounds/looks to much like linear.

dopeysheep Fri 20-Sep-13 07:18:33

I like Coraline but think.she will be forever correcting people who think it is Caroline. Corinna?

SeashellHoarder Fri 20-Sep-13 12:03:53

Linnea, I had assumed this was after the artist. In which case great choice ESP as you already have Orla, does your other dd have an artist inspired name?

Also I assume the pr is Lin - a - ah, but I would think you would hear linear a lot.

Also I love love Lydia. Very timeless. But it is a top 100 name whereas Linnea is much rarer.

Littlecherublegs Fri 20-Sep-13 12:04:04

Lydia - nice, not too popular
Felicity - dont like, a bit 'posh' sounding
Jemima - like, although will always make me think puddle duck
Pippa / Phillippa - see Felicity
Brona - not keen, never heard of it
Emmeline - no
Cassandra - no
Petra - no
Cora - lovely!
Coraline - I think she'd be forever saying, 'no, not Caroline...'
Alexia - not bad, though made me think dyslexia?!
Linnea - no, doesnt sound like a name to me

Corinne / Corina

fanjodisfunction Fri 20-Sep-13 12:13:27

I guess I'm the only one who likes Linnea, I might have to put that on the list for future DD's.

For this one if a girl we have decided on Thora.

Really like Cora, but it maybe too close in sound to Orla.

Like Brona and cassandra from your list.

SpottedDickandCustard Fri 20-Sep-13 12:16:53

I like Petra and Cora, but I think Cora sounds too like Orla for you to use.

Coralie is a pretty name.

elcranko Fri 20-Sep-13 12:17:51

Lydia is my favourite from your list. Love it.

SpottedDickandCustard Fri 20-Sep-13 12:17:52

Sorry but Linnea just reminds me of House of Fraser (Linea is their own range stuff!)

Chocolatehunter Fri 20-Sep-13 12:29:22

Ahh I'm surprised by people's reactions to Emmeline, it's one of my favourite names

TransatlanticCityGirl Fri 20-Sep-13 12:35:46

Lydia - nice
Felicity - love - been on my top 10 list for many years now
Jemima - ok, but reminds me of the table syrup you get in America (Aunt Jemima). still a lovely name.
Pippa / Phillippa - like Pippa, but Phillippa sounds a bit too formal for my liking
Brona - never heard of this before, it might grow on me.
Emmeline - unique and sweet
Cassandra - nice as well
Petra - reminds me of the city, 2nd least favourite of all the names
Cora - lovely
Coraline - also lovely
Alexia - lovely as well. possibly becoming slightly too common??
Linnea - doesn't House of Fraser have a women's clothing line with a similar name? Not too keen on this one.

twentyfourcarat Fri 20-Sep-13 12:37:53

Lydia - always "fat girls" that I've known, not that that's a problem necessarily!
Felicity - Love, also love Flicky, Flick and Fizzy as nicknames
Jemima - I really like, but will get puddleduck etc
Pippa / Phillippa - Love Pip / Pippa, Phillippa doesn't have the same grace / coolness
Brona - Nice enough, don't love it, don't dislike it, if you love it, go for it!
Emmeline - little bit whiny, but I like none the less
Cassandra - Not personally a fan, but nothing wrong with it!
Petra - Cool
Cora - Really cool
Coraline - Even cooler
Alexia - Prefer Alexa, but cool
Linnea - House of Fraser bed linen (/own brand)

MrsBungle Fri 20-Sep-13 12:39:06

I have an orla too smile

From your list I really like Brona and Cora. I also quite like Lydia.

MrsBungle Fri 20-Sep-13 12:39:54

Oh, didn't notice coralline - lovely. I also love coral (although not on your list !)

IAmADonkeyOnTheEdge Fri 20-Sep-13 12:42:03

Lydia - like it, not too popular and sounds good as both child or adult
Felicity - I quite like ' flick' as a nicname - but perhaps a bit ' Malory Towers ( showing my age!)
Jemima - nope- thats for a duck
Pippa / Phillippa - very popular around our way.
Brona - like thats its different, but not very pretty sounding
Emmeline - beautiful name, sounds romantic
Cassandra - only fools and horses
Petra - the blue peter dog from years ago ( again showing my age)
Cora - lovely, is is Dora
Coraline - agree with littlecherublegs
Alexia - too dynasty
Linnea - not sure.

I think Emmeline is by far the prettiest name on your list, but also themes are lovely - so if you have an artist theme, then Linnea would also be lovely.
I met a baby caller 'Bryer' yesterday, named after the scilly isle - I thought it was lovely !

You just need to have the one you like the best - you will be yelling it at the top of your voice for years to come ! ( My personal fave name was Fenella - but 3 girls later and I still haven't been allowed !)

cantthinkofagoodone Fri 20-Sep-13 12:44:49

Lydia - love it but it sounds like Olivia and might be mistaken
Felicity - okay. Not a fan of Flick (neighbours)
Jemima - puddleduck. Can't get passed that.
Pippa / Phillippa - liked it before KM's sister which will pass, so a yes from me.
Brona - like the Irish Bronagh? OK
Emmeline - As in Pankhurst (sp?) I quite like the nicknames or Emmie, Emma or Emily
Cassandra - like is but once had a cat called Cassy.
Petra - Ecclestone
Cora- love it
Coraline - prefer Cora
Alexia - OK
Linnea - HoF own brand and linear is just a word

Lydia - a bit old fashioned, a bit drippy
Felicity - OK, but hate NN Flick
Jemima - a bit too girly
Pippa / Phillippa - much prefer Phillippa
Brona - prefer the spelling Bronagh, but yes, quite like that one
Emmeline - no, properly old fashioned, I dont like Emma or Emily either.
Cassandra - Only fools and Horses, no, just don't like it
Petra - Blue Peter dog, but that was a long time ago. Strong name, quite like it
Cora - Downton Abbey, but I do like it.
Coraline - no, cartoon character and too girly
Alexia - yes, like that one
Linnea - too off the wall, hard to spell, will be pronounced wrongly IMO.

IslaValargeone Fri 20-Sep-13 12:47:17

Love Petra, it is so unusual to hear, but not keen on the others tbh.

coraltoes Fri 20-Sep-13 12:54:25

Felicity - love this, also Felicia. the nicknames work ok too.
Jemima - i nearly chose this for DD, our surname starts with J and i fancied alliteration for a short while. NN of Jem (80s cartoon i loved) and Mimi could work?
Cora - really like this one, elegant, will serve her well through all ages.

not so keen on rest. Especially not bronagh

Saffyz Fri 20-Sep-13 12:57:51

I like these:

Pippa / Phillippa

ZZZenagain Fri 20-Sep-13 13:01:02

From that list I would choose Lydia

Viviennemary Fri 20-Sep-13 13:02:31

I like Philippa, Cassandra, Petra best. Two I don't like at all are Brona and Linnea. Are they made up names.

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