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Tyler for boy

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babynelly2010 Thu 29-Aug-13 15:39:24

What does everyone think of it?
I like the name but never met anyone with it.

xJadex Thu 29-Aug-13 15:42:58

Please, please watch Katie Hopkins on this morning talking about childrens names, you may change your mind about tyler lol ;-)

Thesimplethings Thu 29-Aug-13 15:47:32

I have a Tyler, suits him down to the ground. I don't get the prejudice about the name

lilibet Thu 29-Aug-13 15:47:40

No, sorry but please do not do this. Rightly or wrongly people will judge and label you and your son.

Thesimplethings Thu 29-Aug-13 15:49:02

But what label? hmm

testedpatience Thu 29-Aug-13 15:51:28

I like it and dont understand all of this hype and prejudice over names.

I certainly wouldnt raise an eyebrow at it but then again one of mines a Riley which seems to produce the image of a young, fag smoking whilst pushing buggy, screeching mothergrin

TantrumsAndBalloons Thu 29-Aug-13 15:54:11

My 14 ds1 is Tyler <shrugs>

babynelly2010 Thu 29-Aug-13 16:08:01

I watched that woman is so wrong. You can have tyler and Alexander from one family .... Wow she is something.

pinkpeoniesplease Thu 29-Aug-13 17:43:30

Katie Hopkins.

sleepingbeautiful Thu 29-Aug-13 22:18:12

I'm working in Canada at the moment and this name came up recently as a Chinese colleague wants to pick a Western and a Chinese name for his DC, and had Tyler on his possible list. The Canadian-born colleagues immediately reacted that he shouldn't pick it as it is a bit 'trailer trash'... I don't know if it has the same perception in all of North America though, or back in Britain, as I've never met one back home.

Writerwannabe83 Thu 29-Aug-13 22:24:54

I've never though of Tyler as being a chavvy or a trashy name, I really like it smile

usualsuspect Thu 29-Aug-13 22:25:45

I love the name Tyler.

blueshoes Thu 29-Aug-13 23:22:03


looki Thu 29-Aug-13 23:31:25

I'm NOT a fan of KH but this name has now become one which is now associated with Chantelle.....

AnyoneButLulu Thu 29-Aug-13 23:36:59

It's not generally associated with the higher socio-economic classifications. Entirely up to you whether you give a fig about that.

RoastedCouchPotatoes Thu 29-Aug-13 23:41:30

I like Tyler but prefer Taylor but that's more unisex confused I love the nickname Ty too.

TobyLerone Thu 29-Aug-13 23:50:17

I wouldn't call a child 'Tyler' any more than I would call him 'Plumber' or 'Mechanic'.

bellabelly Thu 29-Aug-13 23:52:46

Nooooooo!!!! Don't do it.

mikkii Thu 29-Aug-13 23:54:50

I know one. His name suits him.

Sorry, I'm too middle class for it.

MyThumbsHaveGoneWeird Fri 30-Aug-13 00:01:23

No. Doesn't pass the go anywhere test for me.

DaleyBump Fri 30-Aug-13 00:09:32

I think it sounds quite common but that's because I know so many 0-4 year old Tylers that it's getting a bit old.

BlueStarsAtNight Fri 30-Aug-13 07:58:13

I really hate it. I don't like to agree with Katie Hopkins on anything but to me I'm afraid it does sound common and dare I say it chavvy!

lljkk Fri 30-Aug-13 08:30:19

I can think of loads, age 5 to 40. it's an ordinary name to me.
The list of famous Tylers includes Olympic athletes, a gay rights activist, quite a few performers and other athletes, and "the highest paid man in entertainment".

Sanjifair Fri 30-Aug-13 08:53:49

The only Tyler I know is a very senior executive in a global business. Doesn't really fit the stereotype discussed here...

TantrumsAndBalloons Fri 30-Aug-13 08:58:22

The "go anywhere" test?

What on earth is that?

Surely people can go anywhere regardless of whether you like their name or not?

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