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Would it be odd to name my daughter Margaret...

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CheerfulYank Thu 14-Feb-13 21:03:20

If my name is Megan?

She would be Maggie, not Meg. And it's the only name I really like.

TeamEdward Thu 14-Feb-13 21:04:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

emmyloo2 Thu 14-Feb-13 22:00:16

No absolutely not weird at all. I my mind they are very very different names and as I said on my thread, Margaret is my current favorite. You could use the nickname Maggie or Margie.

drjohnsonscat Thu 14-Feb-13 22:09:42

I think it's lovely. I wanted Margaret too. Maggie is lovely.

AmandaPayne Thu 14-Feb-13 22:42:11

Nope. It's lovely. As long as you don't plan to use Meg, I think that they are different enough. Lovely, strong, beautiful name.

Oh, if you have middle names, make sure her initial isn't the same though.

CityMa Thu 14-Feb-13 22:53:31

But do you get called Meggie? In which case you would be Meggie and Maggie. Even Megan and Maggie is a bit of a mouthful IMO.

But then I avoided any duplication of initials at all... !

CheerfulYank Thu 14-Feb-13 23:06:52

No, I'm never Meggie. smile Meg sometimes, very occasionally Megs.

amck5700 Thu 14-Feb-13 23:06:57

You could have Rita too for short.

BumgrapesofWrath Thu 14-Feb-13 23:09:27

I wanted Margaret if we had a DD. Then you can have Maggie, Peg, Pearl etc

Startail Thu 14-Feb-13 23:20:49

cant we wait ine more generation before reviving Margaret, please.

It's what my friends mother's and some of the oldest girls at school were called.

It's DSIS's middle name and she hates it.

BackforGood Thu 14-Feb-13 23:33:00

I like the name Margaret, but am still pleased one of the criteria when we were choosing names was that we all had our own initial. No point in creating problems when there are 26 letters in the alphabet after all.

SecretNutellaFix Thu 14-Feb-13 23:34:08

Margaret is lovely.

I like the pet forms of Daisy and Peggy.

Maggie is a very strong shortening though.

I have a form of Margaret as my middle name, even though I hate it as I have always thought it poncy.

LulaBear Fri 15-Feb-13 01:32:45

I would not connect Megan and Margaret at all, go for it!

MidnightMasquerader Fri 15-Feb-13 02:38:16

No, revive it now - by the time everyone else gets on board, your DD will be in her prime with a lovely, fresh, current name, while everyone else's eyes are glazing over at all the Rubys, Daisys, Millys, Evies, etc, etc. smile

emmyloo2 Fri 15-Feb-13 03:42:25

Agree with Midnight - it will stand out amongst the names she has mentioned.

CheerfulYank Fri 15-Feb-13 03:56:37

Plus I'm American, so we go through name revivals at different times than you do. smile

mathanxiety Fri 15-Feb-13 04:49:39

I wouldn't see any problem. Margaret /Maggie - lovely, and not connected to Megan.

runawaysimba Fri 15-Feb-13 05:13:58

I have a Margaret, nicknamed Maggie, and I love it. Get so many positive reactions to her name.

MrsJamin Fri 15-Feb-13 06:23:41

It's my middle name and I have always hated it. Not helped by growing up in Thatcher's Britain I guess. It does seem too soon to revive it. There are so many lovely girls names I have no idea why you would choose Margaret! It's not at all romantic, just really mundane.

MidnightMasquerader Fri 15-Feb-13 07:26:18

But that's just your perception, MrsJamin - it's not an objective absolute. As you can see from all those coming on to say they like it on this thread.

Everyone said that about my name in the 70s, well before it was ripe for revival. It's Isobel. It's great now being in my 30s and not just being another Joanne or Claire or Karen or Sarah.

Besides, people in other countries inevitably have very different associations of names. smile

amck5700 Fri 15-Feb-13 11:21:48

I would cheerfully dance on Thatchers grave.......I still like the name Margaret though and I don't associate it with her.

squoosh Fri 15-Feb-13 12:04:05

I love the name Maggie, and find it quite easy to disassociate the name from 'that woman'. And you're in America so that's not even a consideration really.

It's a strong and sassy name.

diddl Fri 15-Feb-13 12:21:19

Not odd, although I find it really old fashioned compared to Megan-which is a much nicer name imo.

NotActuallyAMum Fri 15-Feb-13 12:28:58

This has made me cry a little blush our Mum was Margaret, we lost her suddenly last year to cancer. I didn't think I'd see the name become popular again

Please do it OP, you've made my day smile

CheerfulYank Fri 15-Feb-13 14:10:43

Oh NotActually. thanks Sorry for your loss.

Margaret Thatcher has no associations here, or Princess Margaret.

Thank you for all the opinions! Margaret is a very old name here, more a great-grandmother or grandmother name than a mumsy one...mums for my generation are Linda or Barbara or similar. smile

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