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MyNameIsLola Wed 06-Feb-13 22:07:48

I adore Anna, it's classic and suits any age. It's the only name I really love for a girl.

However, I mentioned it to DSis and her response was shock "but everyone will think she's a 50 shades baby!"

So, does anyone hear Anna and think 50 shades now? The character in the book is actually Anastasia I believe, but shortened to Ana mostly.

nothingbyhalves Wed 06-Feb-13 22:08:44

50 shades didn't enter my head. I love Anna!

Lostonthemoors Wed 06-Feb-13 22:09:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pixi2 Wed 06-Feb-13 22:09:49

I love Anna. It's a lovely name. Never read that 50 shades trash so I wouldn't make that association.

SteIIaBeIIa Wed 06-Feb-13 22:09:58

Haven't (and won't read that book) but have always loved the name Anna.

SteIIaBeIIa Wed 06-Feb-13 22:10:39

PS from all accounts it's not a literary classic so I imagine it will be forgotten within in the next few years. Don't worry.

MyNameIsLola Wed 06-Feb-13 22:13:37

Thank you.

I wouldn't give it a second thought a couple of years down the line but the film will be released soon and the hysteria will start again...

Artigene Wed 06-Feb-13 22:15:11

Anna transcends any one culture, background or time. A flash in the pan book like 50 Shades will not effect that one jot. Anyone who hears Anna and thinks 50 Shades must have a weird 50 Shades fixation.

SteIIaBeIIa Wed 06-Feb-13 22:18:27

Hysteria? Flash in the pan more like.

everlong Wed 06-Feb-13 22:23:51

Anna = gorgeous.

I know the most beautiful one. Red hair and freckles.

Smudging Wed 06-Feb-13 22:25:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarianForrester Wed 06-Feb-13 22:28:51

I really like it too.

lottiegarbanzo Wed 06-Feb-13 22:31:58

Lovely. I've always known one or two but no more, all my life. They are interesting people, in good ways.

MikeOxardAndWellard Wed 06-Feb-13 22:38:09

That's a beautiful name. 50 shades didn't cross my mind at all, I agree it's a flash in the pan, don't let it put you off.

lottiegarbanzo Thu 07-Feb-13 05:10:54

Anna Karenina is the literary reference that comes to mind.

ripsishere Thu 07-Feb-13 05:34:32

Beautiful name. I've not read 50 shades of shite, so can't comment on that. The name though is one of my favourites.

TepidCoffee Thu 07-Feb-13 06:01:09

It's a lovely name, and it's actually quite popular in London/SE at the moment - I know/have met three little Annas my DS's age (2.3).

birdofthenorth Thu 07-Feb-13 08:13:25

Beautiful name. Know several in their 30s and one 11 year old, no infants (in the north west)

sammie74 Thu 07-Feb-13 12:19:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CabbageLooking Thu 07-Feb-13 12:21:42

Rubbish - have never read 50 Shades and nor have many other people. Gorgeous classic name; elegant and ageless. In my top 3 if we have a girl next time.

raisah Thu 07-Feb-13 21:05:02

I love the name but I'm biased! My dd (2) introduces herself as Anah banana when asked what her name is.

raisah Thu 07-Feb-13 21:07:19

It also means patience & perseverance in arabic! My dd is neither but one can only hope!

mummybare Thu 07-Feb-13 21:10:22

Beautiful, classy, palindromic, what more do you want?

Fifty Shades of ...what?

MadameJosephine Thu 07-Feb-13 21:11:37

Simply beautiful name!

Yama Thu 07-Feb-13 21:13:48

I adore Anna. Absolutely adore it.

Haven't read 50 Shades. And wouldn't. And would judge anyone who had.

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