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Help! My Dad has poisoned our name......

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ineedanewmiddlename Sun 13-Jan-13 21:55:45

I need a new middle name. We had the first name Ava, middle name Florence. We both loved the name Ava Florence. I committed the cardinal sin, and told my parents our girls name. My Dad said Ava Flo, followed by Over-Flow. Dad has spoilt the name for me. My husband would still use the name, as he does not think middle names are ever used, and nobody else would come up with Over-Flow. I’m not taking the risk, the name has been tarnished.

It’s 35 weeks and we’re back to the drawing board. I should mention it took us 30 weeks to finally decide on Ava Florence, and I’m particularly difficult when it comes to names.

I have a few rules when it comes to the middle name:
- It must not end in an - a (Ava ends in an a)
- It must not end in an –ie or –y. I don’t like ie or y names.
- It must not start with a vowel, a G, or a T.
- It must be more than two syllables. Ideally I’d like a longer middle name, as we have chosen a short first name.

My husband is an inverted snob, and his rules are:
- It must not be posh or pretentious (it took me ages to convince him that Florence is a common name)
- It must not be more than three syllables

So far, we have ruled out the following names:

Ava Juliet
Ava Primrose
Ava Delphine
Ava Seraphine
Ava Constance
Ava Clarice

Your help would be hugely appreciated.

ripsishere Sun 13-Jan-13 21:59:58

TBH, I agree with your DH. Middle names just aren't used except on forms. I've certainly never called my DD XX, rather than just X.
If you are absolutely set on changing your choice, I like all of them except Primrose and Delphine.
Good luck OP.

ineedanewmiddlename Sun 13-Jan-13 22:02:25

Thanks, but the list of names are ones that we have ruled out. DH does not like any of them except for Clarice, and I'm not keen on Clarice.

I cannot get past Over-Flow, so Ava Florence, is now a no no. I loved it prior to my Dad's comment.

ineedanewmiddlename Sun 13-Jan-13 22:03:19

I agree middle names are not used, but I still want a pretty middle name, that flows with our other names. It matters to me.

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Sun 13-Jan-13 22:04:42

Could you have Florence Ava instead?

forgetmenots Sun 13-Jan-13 22:07:27

Here are a few for a start OP, although I really would pay your dad no heed. Ava Florence is lovely. Can I ask, have you ruled out some of your list because DH thinks they are posh? Might help other posters!

Ava Beatrice
Ava Catherine
Ava Charlotte
Ava Francine
Ava Helene
Ava Hermione (may be breaking an ending rule, and posh rule!)
Ava Jasmine
Ava Juniper
Ava Jacqueline
Ava Janine
Ava Katrine
Ava Kirsten
Ava Louise
Ava Lauren (very 50s film star to me!)
Ava Linden
Ava Marcheline
Ava Martine
Ava Margaret
Ava Michelle
Ava Nadine
Ava Nicole
Ava Pauline
Ava Penelope
Ava Rachel
Ava Rosaline
Ava Roxanne
Ava Seren
Ava Sandrine
Ava Susanne
Ava Vivienne

ineedanewmiddlename Sun 13-Jan-13 22:07:40

No, we both love the name Ava. I know it's popular, but don't mind. It sounds fab with our surname too.

ratbagcatbag Sun 13-Jan-13 22:07:57

Ava savannah (ok slightly a sounding end)
Ava Charlotte
Ava brogan
Ava Sophia

BehindLockNumberNine Sun 13-Jan-13 22:08:48

Ava Cecile?

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Sun 13-Jan-13 22:10:17


Ava Madeleine/Madeline?

SminkoPinko Sun 13-Jan-13 22:10:38

Ava Marianne
Ava Elizabeth
Ava Katherine
Ava Caroline
Ava Eleanor
Ava Josephine

ineedanewmiddlename Sun 13-Jan-13 22:11:16

The names were too posh, apart from Clarice, which DH likes, but I don't. I tend to prefer the names DH would describe as posh.

forgetmenots Sun 13-Jan-13 22:11:47

Love Ava Caroline sminko, I imagine that to be the name of a new princess in Monaco or something. Beautiful.

nbee84 Sun 13-Jan-13 22:12:32

Ava Virginnia
Ava Heather
Ava Beatrice
Ava Gwennan

ineedanewmiddlename Sun 13-Jan-13 22:12:40

I love Ava Madeleine, but I don't think I could use Madeleine without Madeleine McCann coming to my mine.

ineedanewmiddlename Sun 13-Jan-13 22:13:57

I'm off to bed now, but given me something to chat over with DH. Will log on again tomorrow morning.

ZenNudist Sun 13-Jan-13 22:16:22

Ava Marie? Classic.

Liked Ava nicole from list above

Ava Colette?

Think anything too long with short name is odd.

NotInMyDay Sun 13-Jan-13 22:16:46

Ava Colette

Ava Catherine

Ava Elizabeth

Ava Tèrese

VBisme Sun 13-Jan-13 22:17:27

Ava Frances?

I think Ava Florence is lovely, but if you're really against it I think Frances is a lovely name for a girl, (and not posh).

NotInMyDay Sun 13-Jan-13 22:17:37

Wow Zen get out of my head. I think Ava Colette is beautiful.

ravenAK Sun 13-Jan-13 22:19:53

Ava Mathilde?

NonnoMum Sun 13-Jan-13 22:20:32

'Ava Banana?

That didn't help much, did it?

NonnoMum Sun 13-Jan-13 22:21:18

I think Ava Florence is lovely.

SoggySummer Sun 13-Jan-13 22:22:52

Ava Frances?

TheHouseofMirth Sun 13-Jan-13 22:24:46

Ava Frances
Ava Beatrice
Ava Harriet
Ava Genevieve
Ava Camille
Ava Imogen
Ava Merle
Ava Claudette
Ava Rosamund

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