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Fabulous Names from the 50s. The 1850s!

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NoHunIntended Thu 23-Feb-12 22:54:41

Stumbled upon this site:, just thought I'd share for the name lovers here, especially those who love the more unusual ones.

This for the boys from 1853, click on the link for the girls, and more years.
Alexander Thurstanus
Alfred Appleton Percival
Allan Homer
Annesley Charles Ernest
Bourchier Beresford
Bradshawe Washington
Cary Charles
Casebow Theodore
Dalton Harper
Demosthenes Alexander
Devonshire Alexander
Dionysis Kinsman
Fenwick Yellowley
George Bagot Gosset Francis Richard Pigot
Glanville Alexander
Hamlet Frederick
Hannibal Nicholas
Hercules Benjamin
Hollyoak Mazzini Owen
Jephthah Ballantine
Leicester Wellesley
Leoline Arthur
Leonidas Cornelius
Lovedon John Tom
Lucretius Augustus
Luke Waterloo
Major Dunn
Masfen James
Melbourne Burnere Short
Merchant Charles Octavius
Montague Archer
Morman Moroni Joseph*
Napoleon The Great
Nebuchadnezzar Knight
Nestor Isidore Charles
Nimrod Lilly
Nugent Ezra
Obadiah Josiah
Orpheus Joseph
Peachey Alban Gregory
Peleg Eber
Rider Edwin
Rochford Augustus
Stanford Jacob King
St Ledger John
Sydney Syria
Theophilus Elam
Tito Durell Hodges
Trevelyan Charles
Tudley Humphrey
Urban Cave
Uvedale Bennett 
Virgo James
Warden Alexander 
William Reform
Wolfgang Sigismund Geoffrey Chaucer Freydon

GossipMonger Thu 23-Feb-12 22:57:21

Casebow Theodore!


'all rise for Judge Casebow Theodore.'

That works well for me.

NoHunIntended Thu 23-Feb-12 23:02:33

I wonder what became of him!

FilterCoffee Thu 23-Feb-12 23:37:44

Fascinating, thanks NoHunIntended!

Now I'm wondering, f St John is pronounced Saint John, how do you pronounce St Ledger John? confused

FilterCoffee Thu 23-Feb-12 23:37:51

if, not "f" !

NoHunIntended Fri 24-Feb-12 00:15:17

Sledgerinjun! smile

HolyNoSheDittantBatman Fri 24-Feb-12 00:43:29

Hollyoak Mazzini Owen

totally chavtastic!

NoHunIntended Fri 24-Feb-12 00:55:47

If it weren't for the tv show, I'd think 'Hollyoak' was rather splendid!

PercyFilth Fri 24-Feb-12 00:58:22

Got to love Urban Cave. Pity the surnames aren't included. Still, we can always go to FreeBMD .....

..... which does not feature anyone with the names Urban Cave in the 1850s. hmmHowever there is an Urbane Tipper Bibb in 1857 grin

HolyNoSheDittantBatman Fri 24-Feb-12 01:00:41

Nimrod Lilly

That's due a resurgence surely?

TheCraicDealer Fri 24-Feb-12 02:06:14

I haven't clicked on the link, but I'm assuming these have been sourced from The Times birth announcements grin

My favourite is Dionysis Kinsman- because nothing screams 'Victorian repression' like naming your child after the Greek god of winemaking, ecstasy, ritual madness, and generally having a crackin' time

PeanutButterChocolate Fri 24-Feb-12 02:56:01


standupcomedy Fri 24-Feb-12 08:21:27

I used to work with someone who chose Nimrod when his parents asked him (then aged about 4) to choose a name for his baby brother. The parents agreed to his choice, which I think was pretty brave of them, especially since I'd estimate this was in the 1950s. Apparently the younger brother was quite a character, and suited his name well!

PercyFilth Fri 24-Feb-12 10:35:12

Ah well, it can always be Roddy for the fainthearted smile

TruthSweet Fri 24-Feb-12 12:33:08

I believe St. John is pron. SinJun - bizarrely enough!

PercyFilth Fri 24-Feb-12 12:39:36

Like St Clair is Sinclair

OTheHugeManatee Fri 24-Feb-12 12:42:42

Squirrell Louisa?


OTheHugeManatee Fri 24-Feb-12 12:45:03

'Aspasia Fanny' sounds like an embarrassing medical condition grin

NoHunIntended Fri 24-Feb-12 12:51:20

I like Brilliana! Brilliant! And Virgin Mary! Admonition is wonderful too. Come on new namers, be more brave!

nagynolonger Fri 24-Feb-12 12:53:13

From family tree around 1850

Theophilius (some stranger spellings on census)

Hepzibar (can't remember how it's spelt)

nagynolonger Fri 24-Feb-12 12:56:26

Dh is decended from a Partridge.......It really was a man's Christian name.

OTheHugeManatee Fri 24-Feb-12 13:29:09

Hephzibah is definitely due a comeback grin

Ecgwynn Fri 24-Feb-12 18:46:47

One of my dearest friends is called Hepzibah. It's an awesome name.

Onetwothreeoops Fri 24-Feb-12 18:52:54

I wonder if Major Dunn joined the army...? If so do you think his Sargent would have given him a hard time?

kerala Fri 24-Feb-12 18:56:57

Virgo James would be destined for great things.

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