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Boys middle names to go with beau

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Jamina Mon 13-Feb-12 16:30:46

hi guys dh and I have finally agreed on beau if we have a boy but can not think of a middle name, our surname is short too any suggestions?

cece Mon 13-Feb-12 16:32:09

Isn't it Bo for a boy. I thought Beau was the girls version? I might be wrong though.

How about Jangles??

Not helpful sorry!

How about James

lisaro Mon 13-Feb-12 16:32:52

Peep!! It's bloody awful, please don't do that to him.

PercyFilth Mon 13-Feb-12 16:34:25

Eau neau. Poor kid.

AThingInYourLife Mon 13-Feb-12 16:39:37

Beau is the boy's name, Bo for girls.

Both terrible.

brandysoakedbitch Mon 13-Feb-12 16:40:17

Awful name

Turniphead1 Mon 13-Feb-12 16:41:53

Rivage? Regarde?

cece Mon 13-Feb-12 16:50:14

PS I agree it is awful!

PieceOfTheMoon Mon 13-Feb-12 16:56:51

Hemian? <helpful>

Positiveplus Mon 13-Feb-12 16:57:36

I agree its not the best name but OP is asking for suggestions for middle names, not to be slated!!

How about:

I think a 3 syllble name might sound best as Beau is so short.

Jamina Mon 13-Feb-12 16:57:44

If I wanted opinions on choice on choice of name I would have asked merely wanted advice on middle names! Thanks for support fellow mums netters!

CecilyP Mon 13-Feb-12 17:12:45

Beau is definitely a boy's name (French for handsome), though I have seen it used for girls, which is just wrong (the girl equivalent is Belle). Following on the the French theme, I think Sebastian would be be good middle name.

GurlwiththeFrothyCurl Mon 13-Feb-12 17:33:27


Coconutty Mon 13-Feb-12 17:34:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoHunIntended Mon 13-Feb-12 18:01:38

Hope you can ignore them, OP. I love Beau for a boy, fabulous. I also like Beauregard.
Beau Sebastian is great.
Beau Christoper.
Beau Charles.
Django. Huxley? Sawyer? Rex?

Montsti Mon 13-Feb-12 18:19:38

I agree that a longer middle name would work best. Do you have any family names that might work?

Beau Sebastian does, indeed work well.
Beau Alexander

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

candytuft63 Mon 13-Feb-12 18:23:29

Diddly ?


Coconutty Mon 13-Feb-12 18:25:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PercyFilth Mon 13-Feb-12 20:46:32

Selecta smile

lisaro Mon 13-Feb-12 22:57:52

Er hang on, Percy just re re wind a bit.................... (I'll get my coat)

BelleStar Tue 14-Feb-12 04:56:14

I really like the name Bo, but have beau in my surname so couldn't really use it. I would definitely stick with the spelling Bo rather than Beau for either sex. What if s/he is a bit of a munter?!

Beau Sebastian and Beau Alexander do sound and look nice if you're going for the French spelling.

All the best!

mnistooaddictive Tue 14-Feb-12 05:10:20

You are a bullies dream. Having taught a beau who was always targeted because of his name, I really wouldn't do it.

seeker Tue 14-Feb-12 05:26:21


justhayley Tue 14-Feb-12 07:31:07

First name that popped into my head was Alexander - which has already been mentioned a few times, or Joshua / Matthew maybe. Actually no they sound terrible Beau alexander is lovely though. Think a 3 syllable name would def work best especially if you have a short surname as well.

Or you could do a double barrel middle name.

Think Emma buntons baby is Beau - do you know what her sons middle name is maybe you could steal it smile

ps take no notice of all the horrible and unnecessary comments angry remember your dealing with very hormonal women! I think it's a lovely name - and even if knowone in the world liked it, if you do that's all that matters !


seeker Tue 14-Feb-12 07:34:30

Or, on then other hand, think that the people your son will meet through the rest of his life. A significant proportion of them will feel the same way as posters on here do. Are you sure you want your son to have to deal with that for the next 85 years?

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