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Wylda Rae

(26 Posts)
alexisfaith Thu 08-Jul-10 14:40:54

What do we think of this girl's name?

MrsBadger Thu 08-Jul-10 14:42:08

Pronouced Will-der or While-der?

whichever way, I am not a fan

ActuallyMyNamesMarina Thu 08-Jul-10 14:43:30

I'll probably be flamed for this - sounds like trailer trash, sorry.

Fimbo Thu 08-Jul-10 14:44:07

Sorry don't like it.

shumway Thu 08-Jul-10 14:44:43

Is Sam Taylor-Wood's baby

alexisfaith Thu 08-Jul-10 14:56:36

Shumway, you're right. I really don't like it and wondered if I was being harsh, but Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson have indeed called their newborn Wylda Rae.

oopsandbabycoconuts Thu 08-Jul-10 14:58:49

Sounds like wild array!!

Hullygully Thu 08-Jul-10 14:59:44

I like it. Sounds like a writer out on the prairies.

Wouldn't work in Basingstoke though.

ReasonableDoubt Thu 08-Jul-10 15:01:21

Hyphenated names are awful. Wydla is awful. It's awful.

Cortina Thu 08-Jul-10 15:24:52

Wylda - beast!

alexisfaith Thu 08-Jul-10 16:37:45

That's what DH said, Cortina!

winkle2 Thu 08-Jul-10 17:27:17

you guys got a mention here: ylda-Rae.html

valiumSingleton Thu 08-Jul-10 17:28:27

Horrible. Wylda-Beast

bigbluebump Thu 08-Jul-10 17:42:13

But are they two names really hyphenated or is Mae just the middle name?

I'm not sure how to pronounce Wylda and probably wouldn't choose it myself, but am surprised at your negative responses...

alexisfaith Thu 08-Jul-10 18:10:42

I got a thread mention in the Telegraph! grin

Bobbalina Thu 08-Jul-10 18:19:00

Has Sam lost her marbles?

imahappycamper Thu 08-Jul-10 18:41:03

I had a PE teacher called Wylda. Never heard of it before or since.

valiumSingleton Thu 08-Jul-10 18:41:06

I wonder if her boy friend chose it. Read it off the label of one of his cabbage patch dolls.

planner26 Thu 08-Jul-10 22:59:06

horrible! just usual celebs trying to outdo each other with weird names.

BessieBoots Fri 09-Jul-10 09:04:36

Poor child.

alexisfaith Fri 09-Jul-10 11:23:30

Ha ha, valium!!

sonniebonnie Fri 09-Jul-10 22:25:07

Wylda isn't that bad, is it? I'm not keen on Rae as middle name though.

cheekyseamonkey Wed 24-Nov-10 20:38:11

Vasta Rae

IWouldNotCouldNotWithAGoat Thu 25-Nov-10 14:00:49

wild array of opinions here wink

Janoschi Sun 28-Nov-10 16:42:44

Well, it wouldn't really be on my shortlist but I can't see why it's so terrible. If some folk had their way, every little girl would be called Ellie, Evie and Olivia. Hooray for variety, I reckon :-)

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