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How about Slinnndörd?

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MmeLindt Wed 23-Jun-10 09:05:35

It is my name in Ikea


DS is KÅNÅRD (which sounds like a duck)

rachel234 Wed 23-Jun-10 09:24:32

That's great! I am RÅSSEL, DD is ÄNA and DS is KVUENTIND grin.

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 23-Jun-10 09:50:34

Brilliant, I am a chair and DD and DH are beds.

Umami Wed 23-Jun-10 10:01:02

My name is YMMÄMI and I am an occasional table.

Hullygully Wed 23-Jun-10 10:05:54

I am Hylligyllii and I am a rather oddly shaped chest of drawers.

RuthieCohen Wed 23-Jun-10 10:07:51

i love that you've put this in baby names grin

RuthieCohen Wed 23-Jun-10 10:10:10

I'm RUTÄIKKÅENBY- sweet for a baby and serious for a high court judge wink

Disenchanted3 Wed 23-Jun-10 10:10:26

I'm DÅNÄILL and a table.

DH is ÄDDÅMKE and a bed.

DS1 is ÄDDDDYSJÖNYN and a chest of drawers.

DS2 is DEXTERD a chair.

and DD is ÄURÅRKE a table

Revelry Wed 23-Jun-10 10:11:06

I am PSML at "please don't freak out if you are Swedish".

Umami Wed 23-Jun-10 10:14:59

Hyllii, have you no accent thingummies? That is so sad.

<<Sheds a TEARVIK>>

RunforFun Wed 23-Jun-10 10:17:00

I think my name must be very similar to your DDs Mme Lindt

Umami Wed 23-Jun-10 10:17:09

I like the Action Hero Generator.

Behold Thor Maverick, Hunter of the Unseen!!!

mamaloco Wed 23-Jun-10 10:18:26

grin ridiculous in a nice way. LOL. Even my DH swedish name ended up in something wierd

Hullygully Wed 23-Jun-10 10:23:19

Umami, no accents for me <weeps a tearvik herself>

where's the action hero thing? <sees the day disappear...>

gagamama Wed 23-Jun-10 10:26:14

I am JÅULLES, a chest of drawers.
DP is RÅB, a bed.
DSD is SNATÄLLI, a chair*.
DS1 is SEBJÄSVTYANVIK grin a chest of drawers.
DS2 is ÅTTO, also a chest of drawers.
DD is ÄDDA, a DESK (she is surely illegitimate?! shock)
...unless I put her middle name in too, in which case she is ÄDDA MÅII, a chest of drawers (phew).

*her mother is JÅÄN, also a chair!

This is brilliant, and genetically sound. I like it.

Umami Wed 23-Jun-10 11:58:53

Hyllii, the action hero thing was linked further down the same page. 'Tis not as good though.

MmeLindt Wed 23-Jun-10 20:00:03

I tried the Action Hero one, but could not get it to work.

Umami Wed 23-Jun-10 20:29:31

MÄDDÅMMELINTT - I spent ages a little while trying to get it to work also - you can't put your own name in, you just press the button and it generates a name. Not as much fun.

Ponders Wed 23-Jun-10 20:33:18

My IKEA ones were crap but my action hero is

Mitch Manacle, Man of Tungsten!!!


KnitterNotTwitter Wed 23-Jun-10 20:37:02

DH is SVÅMES a chest of drawers
DS is JÖSVEPH a dining chair

ShowOfHands Wed 23-Jun-10 20:39:11

RHÅNTA, a very square chair. Lovely. hmm

Umami Wed 23-Jun-10 20:40:30

Ooh, I like Man of Tungsten, Ponders, that is marvellous!

Ponders Wed 23-Jun-10 20:42:50


spiderlight Wed 23-Jun-10 21:48:58

I am ÄNNDÖRD and I am also an occasional table. OH and all our dogs and cats are the same occasional table but DS is a double bed.

RamonaThePest Wed 23-Jun-10 22:11:48


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